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Are Your Analytics Cheating On You?

You wouldn't release financials without an audit, so why would you make a decision based on unconfirmed analytics data? Whether you're reporting the effectiveness of the latest marketing push, reporting traffic to advertising partners or optimizing content, you need accurate, audited data.

Analytics We Audit

Analytics Issues That Affect Management

Unanchored Decisions
Truthful data is powerful ammunition against influencers who have their own agendas. But if the data itself is inaccurate, turf wars ensue.
Outsourced Disasters
It's the night before that critical push goes live and your outsourced developers didn't install the correct data collectors. How will you know before it's too late?
Privacy Breach
That new social sharing plugin could be stealing your proprietary data. So are those ads. Can you see the headlines?
Cultivation of Waste
How much are you spending on your web analytics people? Are they empowered to affect positive ROIs?
Confusion and Chaos
Conflicting reports, turf wars, and unresolved questions can be solved with accurate, audited data.
Loss of Confidence
Be bold, cocky, and risky - just don't be wrong. Your secret weapon: information. Your achilles heel: bad information.
Loss of Sales
Bad decisions about pricing, placement, and promotion will cause sales to plummet. Audited data can tell you what to do.
Data Duplication
Website tracking is fragile. With a few keystrokes, data can become inflated, contaminated, or obliterated. What looks like a nice upward trend could be a total lie. Just ask Facebook.
Did that sale come from targeted ads or a paid search? Unless you audit, you can never know for sure.
Ghost Customers
They came, they bought, they went. But why? how? when? Will they ever come back? Don't miss the opportunity to know.