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The Pwn Company - ObservePoint Rallies to Help Kids

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Primary Children's Hospital

In support of Extra Life and Primary Children's Hospital, ObservePoint is sponsoring a 24 hour gaming marathon. The event will be held at the ObservePoint offices located in Provo, UT.

We will provide pizza, food, drinks, drinks with caffeine (if you wish), and xbox & board games. You're welcome to bring a PC, board games, or xbox games you'd like to play. What you play is entirely up to you, some choices so far include Race for the Galaxy, Dota2, WoW, GuildWars 2, Robo Rally, Halo and many more!

Our team fundraising goal is $5000 and every team member helps! We have a very generous sponsor who will be matching our total, so the more the merrier!

To join the team search for 'The Pwn Company' at Extra-Life.org or visit the page directly. If you'd just like to donate to the cause, you can do so here, remember donations are tax deductible!