New One-Time Audit and SMB Account Options

New Small Business Accounts offer One-Time and Monthly Tag Auditing starting at $99.

New One-Time Audits and SMB Account Options Starting at $99.

Monthly Reports. Easy to Buy. Easy to Use. No Contract. Starting at $99/mo.

Small Business Audits are for companies who need to audit a few small sites for specific tags. There are no contracts to sign, no red tape, and no hassles. Just use our account builder by entering your website's address into the box  and we'll find the tags on your home page and suggest an account.

You can even customize the account to meet your exact needs.

When you're ready, buy online and we'll even walk you through setting up your first audit.

Easy Customization

Building your custom-fit account is easy. Simply choose the number of tags you want to audit, and the number of audits you'll need. You can add extra users and simulations as well.

You can even get extras normally reserved for enterprise-level accounts: Advanced reporting (data exports and search tools), the ability to find tags inside flash and video, and authenticated audits (auditing pages only available to logged-in users.)

But what about page limits? No need to worry about page limits. Yes, you can still limit the size of audits (and we recommend it,) but there is no need to worry about how many pages you can audit. Just purchase the number of audits you need to cover your web sites.

One-Time Audits

Many of our customers are independent consultants who work on projects that span a few months. Solving implementation problems are often a part of the job, and so now we're making it easier than ever to get the tagging QA out of the way.

We're glad to make it possible to purchase a one-off audit report directly from our web site. Simply enter the address of the web site on our account builder, and choose "One Report."

Of course you can customize the audit to suit your needs - simply choose the number of pages, number of tags, and whether you need advanced reports, and get started right away. One-time audits start at $99. It's truly the most cost-effective tag audit that's ever been offered.

One More Thing...

One-time report pricing is based on the number of pages audited. But we've found that it can be hard to know exactly how many pages exist on a web site. So we've decided to sweeten the deal and make this incredible offer:

If your audit stops before it reaches it's page limit, we will only charge you for the actual number of pages in the audit!

That's right. So if you purchase an audit for 3 tags and 10,000 pages, but after the audit is complete, only 7,000 pages are found, you will be charged for 7,000 pages (a $200 savings!)

Get the Truth in Analytics

We're proud to offer these entry-level auditing accounts and hope that you'll find them useful. Auditing for Small Business, One-Time audits, self-service online and completely customized accounts - we are proud to offer these exciting new products and hope you love them.