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Tag Audits Improve Data Quality

When your company is making important business decisions, data quality matters. When dirty data is believed to cost US businesses over $600 Billion annually, the risk associated with bad web analytics data is real. Tag auditing ensures that your web analytics tools accurately collecting and categorizing web traffic data.

10 Reasons to Audit Tags

Powerful Influence
Truthful web analytics are ammunition against influencers with their own agendas. However, flawed data is useless and can be damaging.
Disaster Prevention
Outsourced developers don't understand your business the way you do. Be sure that they've correctly implemented tracking code before the new pages go live.
Protect Privacy
Third-party plugins can inject tracking code that steals your proprietary information on the sly. Detect these breaches, blow the whistle and be the hero
Reduce Waste
Conflicting reports, turf wars, and unresolved questions can be eliminated with accurate, audited web analytics.
Promote Clarity
Your secret weapon: information. Your achilles heel: bad information. Be the bearer of truth.
Prove Your ROI
Web Analytics are a costly investment for your company. Prove you're worth it with accurate, impactful insight.
Protect Metrics
Constant monitoring of tags on landing and checkout pages protects your key metrics from inaccuracies.
Prevent Errors
Online data collection is fragile - with a few keystrokes, a rogue developer can cause days of headaches and unrecoverable data loss.
Attribute Correctly
Attribution is important for measuring ROI, but one erroneous character - even an extra space - can cause frustration and strip away your credibility.
Validate. Automate. Dominate.
Move from marginalized to invaluable. Audit your web analytics with ObservePoint.