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Ensure accurate and secure customer data with automatic audits that test and monitor your website technologies.

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Confidence in your data and decisions.

Ensure Data Quality

Make Better Data-Driven Decisions


Ensure accurate data collection and insights with automated Audits that consistently test and validate your marketing technologies.

Protect Your Data

Protect Your Customer Data


Audit your cookies and data collection technologies to know what data is being collected, who is collecting it, and where they are sending it.

Optimize Customer Experiences

Optimize Customer Experiences


Gather accurate customer insights and provide smooth experiences by testing for technology and performance issues that interrupt the customer journey.

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Customer Stories


How Finning Automates Efficient & Secure QA

“With ObservePoint, I’m able to reassure stakeholders that errors won’t pop up and that the integrity of their reports will be sound.”

- Senior Marketing Analyst


How HPE Cleaned Up Their Website Data

“There are so many ways that things can go wrong. ObservePoint gives us a way to make sure things get done and stay in place.”

- Senior Manager, Digital Analytics


How Carnival Made a Smooth MarTech Migration

“ObservePoint has been really central to our success here at Carnival since the beginning.”

- Head of Global
Marketing Technology

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Results from ObservePoint’s 2022 Annual Study

2022 Digital Governance Report

How are organizations adjusting to a dynamic digital landscape and what priorities are they placing on how they gather and monitor data? We surveyed digital marketing, analytics, and privacy professionals to answer questions around digital governance benefits and challenges, privacy priorities, server-side concerns, and other industry trends.

The Ultimate TagDebugger

Spot check tags, fast and free.

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