Test your analytics data quality with an Adobe Analytics Audit

What is an Audit?

An Audit is a scan of your Adobe Analytics implementation that locates and tests your tags to ensure they are installed correctly and collecting accurate data.

“ObservePoint is going to be right behind us, scanning and making sure that our base implementations work across all brands. With ObservePoint and Adobe, we know our tools have our back.”

Tim Crandley, Head of Global Marketing Technology, Carnival Corporation

“The reports we get from our regular Audits give us a constant, up-to-date document that's based on the real world and not what we designed in the past.”

David Goodes, Manager of Marketing Automation Capability and Data, Suncorp

What will my Adobe Analytics Audit include?

Your Audit will scan you Adobe Analytics implementation and report on various areas affecting data quality, including:

  • Tag presence. See which Adobe Analytics tags fire on each page so you can check if any are missing.
  • Duplicate tags. See where Adobe Analytics is firing multiple times per page, potentially inflating analytics data.
  • Variables and values. See which variables and values Adobe Analytics captures on each page so you can address missing or misformatted data.
  • Data layer. See which variables and values are in your data layer, so you can resolve tracking that’s missing or incomplete.
  • Tag versions. See which tag versions and report suites are firing on your site to ensure you’re not mingling data between domains or environments.
  • Tag load times. See how long Adobe Analytics takes to load to ensure the tag doesn’t fail or slow down the rest of your website.

Can I schedule regular Audits of my Adobe Analytics implementation?

Yes. ObservePoint’s platform makes it possible for you to schedule and run regular Audits of your site to verify Adobe Analytics remains implemented correctly as your site changes. You can run Audits on both live sites and in testing environments.

Can I set up notifications for when an Audit runs and finds something wrong with my implementation?

Yes. ObservePoint’s Rules feature enables you to define what you expect of your Adobe Analytics implementation, then regularly test your tracking based on that criteria, notifying you of any errors.

Can my Adobe Analytics Audit test event-based analytics tags?

Yes. Your Audit can be configured to trigger events on your site and report back to you whether the appropriate analytics tags fired as a result. Discuss your specific use cases with the ObservePoint representative who reaches out.

Can my Audit track other vendors installed on my site?

Yes. Your Audit will scan for any recognized tags installed on your site then report back which tags are installed and where. See our Supported Tags for more details.