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Audit and monitor all of your Marketing Cloud technology.

As an Adobe users, your complimentary ObservePoint trial account is set up and ready to audit all of your MarTech implementations beyond what Adobe Auditor covers.To begin, enter your email address and check your inbox for your ObservePoint login credentials.

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Why should I use ObservePoint if I already use Adobe Auditor

Adobe Auditor powered by ObservePoint gives you unparalleled confidence that all of your Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions are implemented correctly and performing to Adobe's Best Practice standards. This allows Adobe customers to deploy implementations with greater confidence and spend less time maintaining and debugging them once they are deployed.

What if you could apply these benefits across all of your implementations and marketing technologies beyond Adobe?

With ObservePoint, you can.

ObservePoint scans your web and mobile digital properties to ensure your data collection technologies are implemented correctly and alerts you to any points of failure—saving you time and resources, maximizing your MarTech ROI, and helping you to create a better experience for your customers.

Using the complete ObservePoint solution, you can also:

  • Monitor the performance of your critical user paths with Journeys

  • See the relationship of all technologies on your site with Tag Hierarchy

  • Scan unlimited URLs and schedule automated audits with Web Audits

  • Connect to and test any WiFi-enable devices on the fly with LiveConnect

  • Leverage the powerful ObservePoint API

  • And much more

Adobe Leaders Explain the Power of Tag Auditing

Learn how Adobe partners with ObservePoint to ensure accurate data collection that will save you time and resources, maximize your MarTech ROI, and create a better experience for your customers.