Patrick Hillery Headshot

Patrick Hillery

Director of Consulting and Solutions Engineering


Patrick was an Analytics Consultant at Adobe for eight years, spending the last couple of years working as one of the first Principle MSA’s (Multi-product Solution Architects) where he attempted to learn and deploy the full Adobe Stack. During his tenure, Patrick also had the unique opportunity of consulting onsite at Dell and Facebook. Patrick lives in Carlsbad, CA where he loves spending time with his family at the beach surfing and swimming.

Chris O’Neil Headshot

Chris O’Neil

Solutions Consultant


Chris comes from a background of economics and a full stack web developer. He has specifically been in the web analytics space for over three years.

Ali Haeri Headshot

Ali Haeri

Director, Product Marketing


Ali Haeri is currently director of product marketing at Los Angeles-based ad tech company SteelHouse. Previously, he served as principal product designer at Symantec and oversaw digital marketing at Verizon Digital Media Services.

Judah Phillips Headshot

Judah Phillips



Judah Phillips is an award-winning consultant, entrepreneur, and author. He's written three books on analytics and is on the faculty at Babson and Boston University. Judah founded the analytics consultancy SmartCurrent and the machine learning company for business users, Vizadata.

Till Buettner Headshot

Till Buettner

Senior Data Analyst

Deutsche Post DHL Group

As a Senior Data Analyst at DHL, Till is responsible for making better decisions by using digital data and analytics. This includes measuring all of online, analytics implementations, A/B testing and reporting. With over 15 years of experience in IT environment and digital marketing space, Till has developed an intuition in transforming data into storylines. After studying media management and communication design, Till worked for different digital agencies and blue chip companies as an UX Designer and Digital Analyst.

Colin Temple Headshot

Colin Temple

Director, Analytics Solutions

Napkyn Analytics

Colin serves as Director of Analytics Solutions for Napkyn Analytics, where he focuses on keeping his team at the forefront of digital analytics. A diverse background in software and marketing and an education in logic and philosophy give Colin a unique perspective on where the analytics practice is, and where it should be.

Michele Goetz Headshot

Michele Goetz

Principal Analyst


Michele has over 20 years of experience in data management, business intelligence, and analytics. Prior to joining Forrester, she was the VP of marketing at Trillium Software, launching data governance and quality solutions to global enterprises across a variety of industries, including banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, consumer, and energy. At PTC, Michele led customer data management and analytics and established the global data quality and governance program. In addition to Trillium Software and PTC, Michele held various roles in enterprise firms and management consulting, leading research and analytics to identify and forecast market trends, guide go-to-market strategies, gain insight into digital marketing and commerce effectiveness, and support healthcare and pharmaceutical research studies. Michele has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc., Cybertrend, Information Week, Analytics Week, and ITWorld.

Eric T. Peterson Headshot

Eric T. Peterson

Founder and CEO

Analytics Demystified

Eric T. Peterson is author of Web Analytics Demystified, Web Site Measurement Hacks and The Big Book of Key Performance Indicators and a long-time member of the web analytics community. He frequently presents on web analytics and is often cited in articles about digital measurement. In the past Mr. Peterson has worked with well-known brands like Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Best Buy, Disney, LEGO, CBS and CBS News, and ESPN. Mr. Peterson is also the founder of The Analysis Exchange, a completely new way to gain experience with digital measurement.

John Lovett Headshot

John Lovett

Senior Director of Data Strategy

Search Discovery

John is a data and analytics thought leader who has dedicated over sixteen years to researching, writing, and consulting on data and analytics. He is widely recognized for his data strategy work that has helped large enterprises, mid-sized companies and nonprofits gain value from digital data. John served as the President of the Digital Analytics Association and was instrumental in shifting the focus of the organization from website data to all digital data. John is a Certified Web Analyst and author of Social Media Metrics Secrets.  Prior to joining Search Discovery, John was a Senior Partner at Analytics Demystified and a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research. He is a Boston native and now lives on the South Shore of Massachusetts. When not thinking up innovative data strategies, John can be found spending time with his wife and three boys, or chasing fish with his fly rod. 

Krista Seiden Headshot

Krista Seiden

Analytics Advocate

Google Analytics

Krista Seiden is the Analytics Advocate for Google, advocating for all things data, web, mobile, optimization and more. Keynote speaker, practitioner, writer on Analytics and Optimization, and passionate supporter of #WomenInAnalytics. She writes and teaches for Google’s Analytics Academy and is a frequent speaker at industry events. She holds a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley and a marketing certification from the Wharton Business School. You can follow her blog at and on twitter @kristaseiden.

David Booth Headshot

David Booth

Chief Commercial Officer

Cardinal Path

David is the Chief Commercial Officer at Cardinal Path, as well as an award-winning industry thought-leader, author, educator, and public speaker. David has advised and worked with companies and organizations across five continents in web analytics and business intelligence, statistical analysis and testing, technology selection and deployment, and online and search marketing.   David earned his MBA in International Management from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and holds a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Jennifer Kunz Headshot

Jennifer Kunz

Principal Architect

33 Sticks

I’m a principal Analytics Engineer with 10 years of experience implementing digital analytics. I work to ensure my clients have quality, actionable data by helping with everything from JavaScript and app development, to setting up proper governance and processes.

Karen Bellin Headshot

Karen Bellin

VP, Data and Analytics

Mirum Agency

Karen has spent 20 years as an analytics and technology innovator. Early on in her career Karen worked at Google to help brands get started with display advertising as the technology was emerging. She went on to work at frog design where she architected the navigation system for the largest online retailer, at the time, in terms of number of SKUs. In 2006, Karen established data and analytics services for Digitaria (now Mirum) as a core capability for the agency. Since then, Karen has worked with clients including Intel and Comcast to mature their data and analytics capabilities. She has a passion for data-driven decision making to drive measurable business impact based on her experience quantifying what works and doesn’t work across digital programs and products.

David Simon Headshot

David Simon

Chief Marketing Officer


David has been marketing growth-oriented technology brands for more than twenty years and has held senior leadership rolls at SocialFlow, PointRoll, Local Corp., CashStar and CEIVA Logic. He started his digital media career at Seth Godin's Yoyodyne, which was acquired by Yahoo!, where he built and ran product marketing and promotions.

Chris Slovak Headshot

Chris Slovak

VP, Global Sales Solutions


Chris is Vice President of Global Sales Solutions at Tealium, leading a global team of sales solution consultants and partnership solutions consultants. Serving as a key technical advisor, he helps customers, and potential customers, understand how Tealium's real-time customer data solutions can help solve their unique digital marketing challenges. Chris has more than 10 years experience as an online advertising professional including positions at Yahoo!, SearchForce and His background and expertise is in search and display networks & exchanges, display advertising, website architecture and social network development.

Eric Dumain Headshot

Eric Dumain

VP, Product in Product Management


Fresh off a successful career in the IT industry for companies like Oracle, Apple and Macromedia (now Adobe) where he served as managing Director SEMEA, Eric decided to jump into the digital analytics industry about 15 years ago. He started operations for Webtrends and Omniture in Europe and immediately identified the huge potential of digital analytics as well as their technological shortcomings and process pitfalls. Eric then founded Hub’Sales, a digital analytics consulting firm and created Hub’Scan, a SaaS platform dedicated to digital analytics optimization, both acquired by the B&D Group. Recognized and awarded by industry representatives (DAA) for his entrepreneurship and innovation, Eric has decided to join ObservePoint, with whom he shares vision, values, and philosophy, as VP product strategy.

Chris Baird Headshot

Chris Baird

VP, Marketing


While previously in marketing roles at Omniture and Adobe, Chris Baird is currently the Vice President of Marketing at ObservePoint--a leader in Analytics and Martech Governance.

Matt Maddox Headshot

Matt Maddox

Director of Education


Matt’s mission is to educate and enable customers to use the marketing technologies they select for their sites most effectively. Matt delivered training at Omniture and Adobe for over four years before joining ObservePoint. He was the dedicated trainer for several global companies, creating and delivering custom courses based on their corporate business requirements. With a wealth of experience in solving analytics questions in many industry verticals, including e-commerce, media, finance, lead generation and automotive, Matt offers sound direction and analytics insight.

Lara Fisher Headshot

Lara Fisher

Senior Analytics Strategist

Blast Analytics & Marketing

Lara began her career at media pioneer Discovery Communications. She worked with media industry leaders including SiriusXM and Scripps Networks (now a part of Discovery Communications). As Client Services Director for comScore, she drove analytics efforts for Pharma and CPG projects. At Vault Consulting, she developed research projects for clients including Pfizer, Otsuka and Trex. Lara is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business and studied eBusiness at University of Maryland University College.

Chris Peters Headshot

Chris Peters

Analytics Manager


I’m a data-driven marketer with a background in digital analytics, marketing automation, project management, sales and product management. I’ve managed large complex teams of various vendors and internal resources at McDonald’s and DeVry University.    Passionate about shifting entire organizational cultures to data-driven organizations at all levels, including product teams, design teams, tech teams, and marketing.

Charles Farina Headshot

Charles Farina

Manager, Digital Analytics

Analytics Pros

Charles is Manager, Digital Analytics at Analytics Pros. With 10+ years of experience in Digital Analytics, almost all of which have been with world-leading Google Analytics 360 providers. Deeply experienced in attribution, cross-device and cross-platform analytics, and marketing data integrations.

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