AppAssurance Features

Tag Detection

ObservePoint’s tag detection technology locates and analyzes third-party tags so you know exactly which tags are deployed throughout your app. Supporting hundreds of marketing technologies, AppAssurance™ identifies those on your app and verifies that they are implemented correctly.

Vendor Agnostic

Truly vendor agnostic, ObservePoint partners with all major third-party solutions. AppAssurance™ supports hundreds of technologies, so you can validate the vendor implementations important to you.

Easy Set Up

Simply upload your app, select the devices and OS versions you want to test; then create your critical customer journeys with the intuitive Journey Recorder.

OS & Device Support

AppAssurance™ supports most versions of mobile operating systems, and the range of devices available is continuously growing. This enables testing of multiple versions of your app across various operating systems and devices to verify consistent functionality and data quality.

Copy & Save Critical Tests

It is critical to monitor and validate user journeys, but setting up tracking for each one of these pathways can be exhausting. AppAssurance™ allows you to copy and paste any created journey, saving you time, energy and stress.

Verify App Integrations

AppAssurance™ identifies and analyzes all of your app’s third-party analytics, multivariate testing and mobile advertising vendor integrations.

Implementation Plan Validation

A tagging implementation plan is the blueprint for your analytics strategy, specifying how and when each tag should be configured on your app. AppAssurance™ measures your plan against the current deployments on your site, locating and highlighting any inconsistencies so corrections can be made quickly and efficiently.

Tag and Variable Validation

Having accurate data is critical to making strategic business decisions. AppAssurance™ identifies and validates your tags and implementation variables so you know what is running on your site and how it is performing, reassuring you that your data is reliable.

Test on Multiple Devices

Being able to validate functionality on multiple devices reaffirms that your app’s analytics solutions are functioning consistently across all variations, and is collecting trustworthy data.

Journey Testing

Monitor the performance of your app’s most critical paths with repeatable, automated regression testing. AppAssurance™ automatically replicates and validates vital user action paths on a regular basis.

Intuitive Journey Builder

Build your user journeys visually—simply upload your app file, open it within the platform, and navigate through the path you want to track. As you click through the journey, AppAssurance™ records and saves each step, creating a test-scenario pattern that can be reported and analyzed, and can be replicated with the click of a button.

Black Box Testing

Security and privacy is a major concern for data-driven organizations. With AppAssurance™, none of your coding is required to integrate with your app, you simply upload the app files to the platform to begin testing.


AppAssurance™ makes it easy to see the analytics information you care about in a simple, digestible way. As AppAssurance™ identifies and takes inventory of the technologies used within your app, you can understand it all with a single glance, monitor your success, and make adjustments as needed.


To assist with data loss prevention, AppAssurance™ alerts you immediately, by email or text, if the integrated technologies on your app are not performing as expected or if an action within your critical user journeys cannot be executed.

Our Customers


"Our relationship with ObservePoint is unique, in that we're both a partner and customer. Using their tag detection technology, we quickly learned we had important tags missing on 18% of our Acrobat pages."


Sunny Beck, Adobe

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