Campaign Performance

Standardize tracking for better insights.

To trust campaign ROI calculations, you need to trust the data going into those calculations, and ObservePoint can help you do exactly that. Campaign Performance is a turnkey touchpoint management and attribution insights solution built on complete and unified data that enables you to achieve ROI visibility across all marketing and experience efforts.

Through algorithmic and rule-based attribution models, Campaign Performance allows you to show your contribution to sales, prove the value of your efforts, and justify your investments across all channels and content.

Gain attribution and insight differentiators.

Most organizations operate around 25-50% data completeness—that’s a lot of room for output inaccuracy. Campaign Performance enables you to:

  • Pre-standardize data for complete and accurate data insights.

  • Capture and unify all touchpoint interactions across the entire online and offline customer journey.

  • Use algorithmic and rule-based attribution models to prove ROI across all channels, including content.

Touchpoint Management

Standardize your data before it even exists by defining and standardizing tracking and metadata for every interaction in the end-to-end customer journey and unifying it in one, complete data set.

Attribution Insights

Through algorithmic and rule-based attribution models, Attribution Insights gives you real-time ROI visibility across all customer experience efforts to show your contribution to sales, prove the value of your marketing efforts, and justify your investments across all channels and content.

Customer Data Collection

Capture and unify every touchpoint interaction, conversion, and revenue value. Once an authenticating event occurs, anonymous identifiers pinpoint a user’s past interactions with your brand and pull them into a single profile, enabling you to run attribution on more unified customer data.

Algorithmic & Rules-based Attribution

An algorithmic, machine-led model runs thousands of simulations on all customer journeys—whether they convert or not—in order to pinpoint which efforts are most effective. Or use traditional rules-based models (first-touch, last-touch, even-touch, U-shaped, decay models) as needed.

Custom Templates

Create campaign templates with universal touchpoint IDs (including associated metadata and dynamic tracking links) quickly and efficiently while adhering to established standards. When launching a new campaign you can automatically populate metadata and tracking parameters.

Platform Integrations

Integrate with any and all technologies currently implemented by your business—including advertising, CRM, eCommerce, marketing automation platforms, visualization, and BI tools. By integrating with these technologies, you can unify your data and act on more holistic insights.

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