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Automate your campaign validation.

As many digital marketers and analysts will attest—with multiple teams in an organization frequently pushing new campaigns, creating new content, and developing new landing pages—there’s no easy way to consistently manage tracking codes or validate landing pages.

CampaignAssurance is a versatile solution that enables you to define tracking parameters, build campaign URLs, and validate the functionality of your campaign tracking—all in one centralized interface.

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Build and maintain landing page and email tracking codes.

With CampaignAssurance from ObservePoint, you can easily govern tracking code creation across all departments and campaign channels to validate that tracking codes are fully functional before you launch your campaigns.

Using CampaignAssurance, you can create custom templates for each team that builds landing page and email tracking codes—including or excluding tracking elements and manage how they’re structured throughout your organization. CampaignAssurance monitors active or inactive campaigns and provides alerts for campaigns that do not pass inspection.

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Key Features

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UI Builder

Build a custom UI that includes each team’s unique tracking parameters. Learn More.

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Code Creator

Include or exclude predefined tracking elements to create consistent codes. Learn More.

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Campaign Library

Create, update, and maintain tracking codes in a centralized repository. Learn More.

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Landing Page Validation

Ensure landing pages are fully functional before launching your campaign. Learn More.

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Email Validation

Test email tracking links with an ObservePoint account before the real send. Learn More.

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User Permissions

Manage who has access to view or build within each team’s unique UI. Learn More.

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Custom Rules

Create custom rules to test against live implementations. Learn More.

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Receive alerts for campaigns that do not pass inspection. Learn More.

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Keep track of your data quality and QA progress with clear reports. Learn More.

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