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Best Practices for Building & Maintaining a Digital Governance System

Join Cameron Cowan, Sr. Director of Product Strategy, and guest Jenn Kunz, Consultant at 33 Sticks, on July 28th at 11:00 am ET for our newest episode of DataChat LIVE! Cameron and Jenn will be discussing a myriad of topics in the digital governance space, including:

Industry News:

  • The shift to GA4
  • Moving to server side
  • Mozilla stripping query strings

Primary Topics:

  • Technology governance and why it matters
  • Data privacy: what should be governed and audited?
  • Customer Journey Analytics from Adobe
  • Best practices for building and maintaining a digital governance system

Jenn Kunz
33 Sticks
Cameron Cowan
Senior Director, Product Strategy
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Building & Maintaining a Digital Governance System
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