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Consent Management Platforms: Adoption and Market Share Analysis

Results From ObservePoint’s Website Audits

ObservePoint used proprietary web auditing technology to scan 1000+ of the top trafficked websites to glean insights into Consent Management Platform (CMP) adoption rates, provider market share in the United States and Europe, and common privacy technology challenges.

Join Cameron Cowan, Sr. Director of Product Strategy, and Mike Fong, Sr. Manager of Product GTM, on April 27th at 11:00 am ET for our latest episode of DataChat LIVE! where they will be discussing these insights, including trends in:

  • Adoption, implementation completeness, and functionality of CMPs in the US and Europe
  • Privacy technology challenges you should be aware of
  • Prominent CMP providers and their market share
  • Which Tag Management System (TMS) was paired with which CMP providers
  • Dark pattern privacy fines and how to avoid them

Cameron Cowan
Sr. Director, Product Strategy
Mike Fong
Sr. Manager, Product GTM
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