Adobe DTM to Launch Migration

Migrating from Adobe DTM to Adobe Launch?

In January 2021, Adobe will officially replace Adobe Dynamic Tag Management with the new and improved Adobe Launch, leaving you with a shrinking window of time to complete your migration. You should start your migration now, as the timeline for Sunsetting DTM will sneak up on you, and it might end up taking more time than you plan. See the DTM-Launch timeline here.

Ensuring a smooth migration to Adobe Launch will require a firm understanding of your analytics strategy and how your Adobe transition is meeting that strategy. Through automated, comprehensive audits, ObservePoint can help you validate that your new implementation is meeting your strategic expectations through each stage of your migration. See specifically how ObservePoint can help.

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“ObservePoint has been really central to our success here at Carnival since the very beginning. So, when we knew that we were going to have to migrate [to Adobe Launch], we already had ObservePoint in place to help automate QA testing, and it just became a natural extension.”

- Tim Crandley, Head of Global Marketing Technology, Carnival Corporation

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Ensure A Smooth Migration with ObservePoint

Catalog Your Implementation

Before starting the transition, you’ll need to create a catalog of your current DTM implementation. Automated ObservePoint Audits can help you create this catalog of your current DTM implementation quickly and accurately, giving you a solid baseline to compare against your new Adobe Launch implementation.

Test as You Go

The migration process will likely be filled with twists, turns, and bumps. With ObservePoint, you can efficiently navigate these challenges by continually testing your new Launch implementation through every step of the entire migration..

Validate Adobe Launch

The final step of the migration will involve validating your Launch implementation through testing. Completing this validation with automated ObservePoint audits will allow you to quickly see where your Launch implementation is meeting (or not meeting) your expectations.

Ongoing Testing & Validation

After you complete your migration, your site or app will continue to go through regular changes. As a result, you should continue testing and validating your Adobe Launch implementation on an ongoing basis to ensure continued accurate data collection moving forward.

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