Validate your data collection on the fly.

Devices are everywhere—desktop, mobile, home assistants, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more. This fragmented device usage shouldn’t diminish the quality of the data you’re collecting, but most organizations are still building and troubleshooting scripts, setting up packet sniffers, or reading through thousands of lines of network requests to try and catch errors.

LiveConnect enables you to connect to any WiFi-enabled device and run test scripts on the spot to ensure data collection matches your expectations.

Use the scripts you've already built

With LiveConnect, you can connect to any device over WiFi and begin running automated test scripts, that capture real-time data as you interact with that device. Simply operate the connected device and LiveConnect will capture all the marketing technologies that fire from your device as you go along.LiveConnect fits into any existing QA process, integrating with both Sauce Labs and Selenium—just turn on the integration and start recording. LiveConnect simplifies how you govern and validate your MarTech and data across devices.

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Live Journey Debugging

Run test scripts on the spot to ensure data collection matches your expectations.

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Reusable Test Cases

Duplicate pre-existing tests to save time and keep tests consistent.

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Create custom requirements to test against live implementations.

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Selenium Integration

Test analytics and other tagging using the work your QA team has already done.

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Real Device Testing

Turn on the integration and capture all MarTech as you operate a live device.

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Request Log

View all network requests to verify authorized tags and uncover rogue ones.

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Secure Testing Environment

Test within your own secure networks, including VPN and proxy server.

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Custom Exports

Select the specific data points you want to include in a report.

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