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  • Jennifer Kunz, Principal Architect at 33 Sticks, to Present at Analytics Summit

    The tools we use to measure the health of our implementations keep getting better, but even if your data is flawless, it won’t provide its full value unless your whole organization has the vision to use it. Analytics data has so much potential beyond just the analytics team, but we need organizations to adopt a […]

    Hunter Shearer

    10 hours ago

  • Karen Bellin, VP of Data and Analytics at Mirum, to Present at Analytics Summit

    As marketing channels transition to cloud-based technologies, customer experiences are becoming more seamless and opportunities to connect data across touchpoints are more obvious. Now, there are more data integration opportunities from cloud-based technologies, but the foundational work of establishing a measurement framework is still the same as it was when only the website was in […]

    Hunter Shearer

    14 hours ago

  • Till Buettner, Senior Data Analyst at Deutsche Post DHL Group, to Present at Analytics Summit

    Good enough is usually not good enough in today’s competitive industry. As analytics capabilities continue to advance, there appears to be a clear correlation between analytics maturity and ROI. If you are not actively trying to improve your analytics practices you will soon fall behind the curve instead of plowing ahead. Users and organizations can […]

    Hunter Shearer

    2 days ago

  • David Booth, Chief Commercial Officer at Cardinal Path, to Present at Analytics Summit

    GDPR is a sweeping new data privacy regulation that has officially been implemented as of May 2018. While the law has implications for most organizations worldwide, few are prepared half a year later. This is a real concern for many organizations, but there’s no one-stop, catch-all solution. Every company needs to undertake a careful assessment […]

    Hunter Shearer

    2 days ago

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