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Ali Haeri, Director of Product Marketing at SteelHouse, to Present at Analytics Summit

Many marketers today face the challenge to transition away from a reliance on paid marketing strategies while still needing to deliver measurable and impactful results. The biggest challenge lies in realizing which free marketing strategy is going to be the most effective for your organization, but there is one practice that appears to rise above the rest: meaningful, actionable content.

It’s like when someone buys you a gift card compared to a well-thought-out gift; if we can give our customers well-thought out content that actually benefits their life, they’ll be a lot more inclined to buy our product or service.

Through implementing an organic content marketing-first approach, you can directly improve your customer experience by being able to provide more value to your customers than your competitors.

Ali Haeri, Director of Product Marketing at SteelHouse, recently said, “There’s always credit to be given to marketing, but until you have a measurable marketing program implemented, you can’t take it.”

Haeri, who served as the principal product designer at Symantec and oversaw digital marketing at Verizon Digital Media Services, will further address this topic during his presentation at the upcoming Analytics Summit on October 25th, titled “Content Marketing That Drives Results.”

Register for the 2018 virtual Analytics Summit to gain free access to Haeri’s session about effective content marketing, as well as additional sessions hosted by more than 20 data-driven experts who will cover topics focusing on analytics governance for today and tomorrow.

Ali Haeri

Ali Haeri

The list of speakers boasts additional industry experts, including:

To register and watch this event for free, follow this portal: Analytics Summit

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