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The Mobile Marketing Stack Demystified: Drive Results Through Data

mobile-marketing-stackThe MarTech landscape keeps getting denser—the recently released 2017 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic shows an impressive 5,000+ marketing technologies. With such a wide berth of potential investments in technology, choosing the right tool to not just add to your budget but into your marketing strategy is simultaneously tempting, intimidating and exciting.

Regardless of the vendors included, a mobile marketing stack lives on data, as should your company. But especially now as MarTech stacks are incorporating more niche-based solutions with turnkey integrations—as opposed to “all-inclusive” marketing solutions—there’s no silver bullet technology that fills every function required for a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Spearheading marketing success is as much a matter of owning technology as fixing a car is owning a box of tools—if not used effectively, your vehicle may run, it may move, but performance will not be optimal, and inefficiency will abound.

Navigating your marketing strategy towards digital triumph can be even more challenging when each team has different data needs. Adding technology to meet these needs can either enable or cripple your marketing processes, depending on your ability to democratize data across your stack for an accurate view of your customers.

Gadi Eliashiv, CEO and co-founder at Singular, recently said, “Consumers go through a lot of different journeys. Many engage with brands across multiple mediums, such as desktop, mobile, TV. The challenge is even greater now because you need to understand not only how you collect all this data but also the customer journey. How do you track user engagement? How do you know if a user touched a specific channel? Complication only rises at that point.”

Eliashiv will be presenting “The Mobile Marketing Stack Demystified: Drive results through data” at the upcoming Mobile Analytics Summit, a free online event dedicated to mobile marketers, analysts and product professionals seeking to optimize their strategy, glean insights from mobile trends and apply best practices. Register now to reserve your seat at the event.

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