ObservePoint to Host DataChat LIVE! with Cart.com

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – October 13, 2022 – ObservePoint is hosting its next DataChat LIVE!, “Web Governance for Ecommerce Excellence,” with guest Mackenzie Knapp from Cart.com, on Wednesday, October 19th at 9am MST / 11:00am ET / 17 CEST.

Join digital marketing and analytics leaders for a live discussion around data problem-solving, industry news, strategy, governance, technology, regulations, and more.

In this episode, “Web Governance for Ecommerce Excellence,” guest Mackenzie Knapp, Director of Data Science Solutions at Cart.com, Cameron Cowan, Sr. Director of Product Strategy at ObservePoint, and Mike Fong, Senior Solutions Engineer at ObservePoint, will be discussing:

  • Trends in the Ecommerce industry
  • Biggest mistakes retailers make when managing various data streams
  • How governance efforts give Ecommerce companies an edge
  • How to deliver insights to help business increase margins
  • Storefront health check on data privacy & security

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Mackenzie Knapp

Mackenzie Knapp is an intellectually curious data science leader with 10+ years of experience in quantitative analytics across finance, consulting, marketing, web analytics, and advertising. Mackenzie is the Director of Data Science at Cart.com, which enables eCommerce brands to quickly scale their online businesses and easily sell across every channel. Whether it is implementing digital analytics or deep diving with data analysis, Mackenzie is fascinated with telling the behavioral story behind why people act the way they do. Her obsession to help brands find meaning and trends where there appeared to be none has been heavily applied across a variety of industries and company sizes ranging from startups looking to scale, enterprise brands she helped break through stagnant plateaus, eCommerce giants who realized new ways to tap into better audiences and the most well-known CPG brands.


Cameron Cowan

Cameron Cowan is the Sr. Director of Product Strategy & Marketing at ObservePoint and a veteran of the marketing analytics, digital advertising, and enterprise software industries. He plays an active role in product management, technical marketing, and GTM execution. Prior to his time at Strala, Cameron spent 13 years working for Adobe (via the Omniture acquisition), and gained experience in account management, consulting, and technical sales before establishing himself as a leader in product management, technical marketing, and business strategy. His career has included living overseas on multiple occasions and collaborating with marketers and technologists on four continents.


Mike Fong

Mike Fong is the Senior Solutions Engineer at ObservePoint and assists in aligning the Product, Marketing, and Revenue teams on product strategy, value propositions, and promotion. Previously a Senior Consultant and Solutions Engineer on ObservePoint’s EMEA team in London, Mike has been integral in ensuring ObservePoint users are obtaining the highest quality of data from their marketing technologies. With over 10 years of experience in the analytics world, Mike is an expert when it comes to data analytics, SQL, problem solving, and spreading good vibes.


About ObservePoint

Companies like yours rely on website technologies to collect customer data, inform business decisions, improve experiences, and uncover revenue opportunities. But how often have you questioned the accuracy, security, or reliability of the technology guiding your decisions?

As much as you rely on your Martech, it also causes a lot of chaos. With dozens of technologies being deployed across thousands of pages, undergoing constant development updates, and being managed by several teams-things are bound to break. Add to that new privacy regulations, and you could be facing major threats to your customers, your reputation, and your revenue.

ObservePoint’s Digital Governance solutions bring insights, automation, and compliance to the complexity of your digital customer experience. Our patented Digital Governance solutions for Technology Governance, Privacy Compliance, and Touchpoint Management automatically audit and monitor data collection technologies and user paths to test for gaps in data collection, potential breaches in data security, and malfunctions that interrupt user experiences.

You can rest assured your web technologies are functioning as expected and guiding your company in the right direction.

For more information, visit www.observepoint.com. Follow ObservePoint on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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