Professional Services

Every website and every app is different, with a unique structure and specific set of implementation requirements. And while data quality is a universal necessity, ObservePoint offers full professional services to help with each client’s individual needs.

ObservePoint’s professional service experts will partner with your team on product usage and data quality, to assist in analyzing your current data collection in any area of concern, and to address all additional questions or considerations. ObservePoint is dedicated to setting up your team for data quality success.

Implementation Validation

Every organization has a solution design reference (SDR) or tagging implementation plan which specifies when and how each tag should be configured on a website—essentially the blueprint of your analytics implementations. Without this guide, variables may be configured to fire incorrectly and data quality can be distorted.

ObservePoint professional services representatives leverage the power of ObservePoint’s audits to measure your SDR against the live implementations on your site, locating and highlighting any inconsistencies so corrections can be made quickly and efficiently. This validates that your SDR is implemented correctly, saving your team hours of stress and ensuring accuracy.

Release Validation

Coding implementations are updated frequently, making it crucial to audit after any changes to prevent gaps in your data collection. Release validation is a form of regression testing, comparing one moment in your site’s life to another—perfect for clients that do frequent or important code releases or are planning a site redesign.

ObservePoint professional service representatives audit implemented variables and create a comparison report identifying any discrepancies pre and post updates, additions, site redesigns, etc. This report captures when there is an exact match, when variables were blank through both periods, when there is new data, when data is missing, and when the data doesn’t match.

Data Governance

Data governance refers to a systematic plan of attack to achieving and maintaining superior data quality for your web properties. ObservePoint’s professional services work to help you validate and cleanse your current and future data through implementation and release validation best practices, while also addressing ideal privacy and data administration policies.

Managed Services

ObservePoint’s managed services experts help to “mind the gap”—taking on the special projects and in-depth analysis that clients might not have the time or resources to accomplish. Often called guerrilla developers, managed services experts get creative with solutions to ensure success for your accurate data analysis.