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Keep track of your data quality and QA progress.

Easily create reports that will answer questions your team may have regarding different goals and KPIs throughout your organization. By utilizing Custom, Classic, and Comparative reports you will readily be able to improve data quality and accuracy company-wide.

Having access to customized reports allows you to quickly consume important data points across various metrics which will help you stay focused on what is most important to you, your team, and your clients.

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Tag Reports screenshot on the ObservePoint platform

Tag Reports

The Tag Presence Report reveals exactly where tags are and aren’t, so you can quickly identify dropping-off points for data quality and security. This report shows the tags of any given vendor as well as each account or report suite.

The Missing Tags Report shows which tags might not be fully implemented. It reveals which pages are not tagged, and if a tag is found on any page, the report will show all pages that do not have that specific tag.

The Tag Summary Report provides a synopsis of the results of every tag discovered during the audit, so you can quickly determine if the correct tags are on your site.

Variable Summary Reports

The Variable Summary Report shows every tag and variable discovered during an audit of your site, enabling you to quickly identify trouble spots on your site.

Using this report you can dig into the individual accounts and variables within each analytics and marketing technology. You can also expand upward from individual variables to pages to see all instances of specific variables or values.

With the Variable Summary Report, you can determine if analytics data is being sent correctly and to the right place.

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Site Health Reports screenshot on the ObservePoint platform

Site Health Reports

Site Health Reports give insight into your website’s performance by compiling page-specific metrics for status codes, load times, and JavaScript errors.

The Status Codes Report identifies any missing pages or redirects and provides a downloadable file containing a list of those URLs for further analysis.

The JavaScript Errors Report reveals the amount of errors per page and shows key metrics for whatever categories of pages you’ve selected.

The Page Load Time Report groups pages by ranges of time it takes them to load, allowing you to quickly select and download a list of slow-loading pages so you can address any issues.

Adobe Auditor Reports

Adobe Auditor Reports validate your Adobe Marketing Cloud implementations against Adobe’s predefined best practices for Analytics, DTM, Launch, Target, Experience Cloud ID Service, Media Optimizer, and Tubemogul.

And since these best practices were defined by the teams who built the technologies, using the reports is like having an Adobe Marketing Cloud expert in your pocket who alerts you whenever implementations fail their standards.

With Adobe Auditor Reports, not only can you check implementations against Adobe’s standards, you can also evaluate and govern your implementations to see how they’re meeting your organization’s specific business requirements.

Adobe Auditor Reports screenshot on the ObservePoint platform

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