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Create custom rules to test live implementations.

Custom Rules allow you to validate your analytics and marketing tags against expected values. You can set up rules to test tags, variables, and values to confirm each matches a specific RegEx pattern (like a campaign code format). If a rule fails to meet its criteria, the failure will show up in your Reports or you can set up alerts to notify you immediately.

Using rule filters, you can make rules fire based on URL, status code, or tag type. With conditions, you set the parameters to validate against the tags or pages that correspond to your filters. By combining filters and conditions, you can test your tags with a high level of detail.

Rules screenshot on the ObservePoint platform
Predefined Rules screenshot on the ObservePoint platform

Jump right in with Predefined Rules

Predefined Rules are out-of-the-box best practice rules that enable you to test your tags and variables against industry standards for analytics tools and SEO.

Rules can be applied to any audit, web journey, or app journey and require little to no effort to set up. Just add the rules to an audit or journey and receive an alert if a rule fails.

Predefined Rules may be set up automatically with new WebAssurance accounts and some can be used as-is while others need additional custom configuration to make them work in a specific user’s environment.

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