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The Aerify Media platform is a flexible, robust marketing technology solution that allows e-commerce companies to send any type of customer data from their mobile apps, mobile websites and even desktop sites to a single database. We build profiles around those consumer behaviors so you can target those users for advertising, tie together cross-screen view and click actions to a purchase, or simply get a better understanding of your affiliate and partner traffic attribution.
Our analytics help marketers understand how a customer interacts with advertisements across screen and helps to optimize the customer’s journey through the conversion funnel. Through our proprietary retargeting technology we aim to maximize brand awareness and drive conversions in the environment most optimal for the brand and for the consumer.

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What is a Web Tag?

A web tag is a 1x1 pixel-sized image beacon or JavaScript snippet that is embedded into the code of a web page to capture and report data. A web tag is triggered whenever a predetermined action occurs on a specified platform in the web. It captures the data and sends the information back to your preferred data collection system. A web tag is usually implemented to: track online user behavior for marketing analytics, instruct web browsers and implemented technologies to collect data, to set cookies, and to integrate third-party content.

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