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Maxymiser empowers brands to transform every digital interaction into seamless, relevant and engaging customer experiences with its cloud-based testing, personalization and cross-channel optimization solutions. Known for serving billions of individual experiences across every device, Maxymiser leverages customer data to dramatically boost engagement and revenue, while also driving long-term business value. Combined with a team of vertically focused digital experts, Maxymiser’s Customer Experience Optimization suite quickly delivers measurable results to every client through A/B and multivariate testing, segmentation, behavioral targeting and product recommendations for the web, mobile, social and email.
Maxymiser works with some of the world’s most iconic brands, including HSBC, EPSON, Virgin Media, Alaska Airlines, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Harry & David, Progressive and Office Depot. Founded in 2006, Maxymiser is headquartered in New York with offices in Chicago, Edinburgh, Dnipropetrovsk, Dusseldorf, London, Munich and San Francisco.
In 2006, we became the first vendor to offer A/B and multivariate testing solutions to many of Europe’s leading online brands. So it’s no surprise that we’ve been the catalyst many times over, for substantial change in how companies now optimize customer experiences.
Before we arrived, many ecommerce brands were making online content decision based on guesswork. This inevitably led to high levels of risk—both for the budget and the brand. Instead of being based on objective, data-driven ideas, major decisions were often thrashed out in team meetings, based on an array of subjective viewpoints. And while web analytics were providing some insights where site visitors were flocking to or straying from, they had zero means knowing how to truly fix and boost conversion rates. Maxymiser gave the market the right way to improve online experiences, with testing, personalization and cross channel optimization.

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