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Mercent Retail is the world’s leading product advertising platform, built by retail industry veterans exclusively for retailers. Our award-winning SaaS platform helps you scale your advertising efforts to reach every shopper, providing the visibility and control necessary to drive revenue and optimize profitability. Our software connects your products with every ecommerce and advertising channel that drives or influences shopping decisions.
Mercent Retail automates creation and delivery of millions of ad units with content optimized for each product in your assortment. We move your product ads beyond simple data feed delivery and provide your partners with a seamless interface between your product catalog, inventory and fulfillment management systems. Our platform automatically crafts ads that change in real time to reflect true availability, new products or styles in your catalog, and your current promotions.

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What is a Web Tag?

A web tag is a 1x1 pixel-sized image beacon or JavaScript snippet that is embedded into the code of a web page to capture and report data. A web tag is triggered whenever a predetermined action occurs on a specified platform in the web. It captures the data and sends the information back to your preferred data collection system. A web tag is usually implemented to: track online user behavior for marketing analytics, instruct web browsers and implemented technologies to collect data, to set cookies, and to integrate third-party content.

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