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Vendor: Hewlett Packard

Vendor Page: http://www.autonomy.com

Category: eCommerce

Formerly Known As: Autonomy

Marketers invest over 60% of their online spend in search, social, and mobile marketing, but they struggle to realize the potential of these channels. HP Optimost provides an immediate and measurable way to optimize your multichannel marketing. Quickly identify the most compelling combinations of digital content by market and customer segment to drive greater engagement, conversions, and revenue. Get started improving elements of your marketing campaigns to attract the highest value audiences.

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What is a Web Tag?

A web tag is a 1x1 pixel-sized image beacon or JavaScript snippet that is embedded into the code of a web page to capture and report data. A web tag is triggered whenever a predetermined action occurs on a specified platform in the web. It captures the data and sends the information back to your preferred data collection system. A web tag is usually implemented to: track online user behavior for marketing analytics, instruct web browsers and implemented technologies to collect data, to set cookies, and to integrate third-party content.

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