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Vendor: IBM

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Category: Analytics

With Unica Interactive Marketing OnDemand, marketers can quickly analyze visitor and customer behavior, and design and deliver email and web content that’s more personal, relevant, and effective. Finally, one intuitive application unifies best-of-breed web analytics, email marketing, and web personalization – without burdening IT or requiring complex multi-vendor integration.
As customers and prospects interact with web sites and marketing programs, they’re sharing invaluable information about their individual interests and needs. If marketers can quickly respond with personalized web content and email that reflects all this knowledge, their communications will be more compelling – and far more successful. How can companies personalize their marketing without encountering high costs, unacceptable complexity, and difficult custom integration?
The answer is Unica Interactive Marketing OnDemand, the solution that combines analytics, email, and web personalization in one intuitive, on-demand application. Unica Interactive Marketing OnDemand brings together all the data visitors are providing through web behavior, responses to marketing, and offline activities – and incorporates that insight directly into easy-to-use targeting and HTML authoring features. With Interactive Marketing OnDemand, there’s no need for APIs or costly multi-vendor integration projects. Marketers can carry out all aspects of email and site personalization programs themselves, without burdening technical resources.

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What is a Web Tag?

A web tag is a 1x1 pixel-sized image beacon or JavaScript snippet that is embedded into the code of a web page to capture and report data. A web tag is triggered whenever a predetermined action occurs on a specified platform in the web. It captures the data and sends the information back to your preferred data collection system. A web tag is usually implemented to: track online user behavior for marketing analytics, instruct web browsers and implemented technologies to collect data, to set cookies, and to integrate third-party content.

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