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man pondering his data governance framework

Tag Governance: A Framework for Governing Your Digital Analytics and Marketing Tags

Thousands of analytics and marketing tags on your site make collecting data possible. Use this tag governance framework to rein in an unruly implementation.

man stopping dominoes to represent managing piggybacking tags

What Are Piggybacking Tags and What Threats Do They Pose?

Piggybacking tags are enough to keep the attuned marketer up at night. But what threat do they really pose? Learn more about piggybacking tags in this post.


The Top 5 Website Tagging Best Practices

Websites are under a lot of stress. Following website tagging best practices will help you keep your tagging implementation scalable and in good shape.

Web Analysts Auditing Web Tags

3 Reasons Why You Should Do a Website Audit Today

Considering conducting a website audit? Here are three reasons (and some recommendations) for why you should do a website audit today.

man using google analytics

How to Check if Google Analytics Is Working on Your Website

Google Analytics is the most used analytics solution on the market. But how can you check if Google Analytics is working on your website? Here’s how.

2018 MarTech Landscape Supergraphic

What the 2018 MarTech Landscape Means for Your Data

The 2018 Martech Supergraphic is out, and it’s bigger than ever. But what does that mean for your data quality? Learn how to grapple with growing martech stacks with tag monitoring.

Young woman typing on laptop with a focus on hands

What Is a Website Audit? It’s for More than SEO

Looking to audit your website? Good move. A website audit can dramatically improve website performance. Learn more about running a website audit.


Tag Auditing Tools: What They Are and Why You Need One

Learn how tag auditing tools (or just tag audit tools) help companies govern analytics and marketing tags on their websites and apps rapidly and at scale.

Eric Dumain in Product Team Meeting

What Is ObservePoint?

ObservePoint is software to help companies ensure digital analytics data is accurate and actionable. Get answers to your question “What is ObservePoint?” as well as others.

a magnifying glass over the word "audit"

Tag Auditing Best Practices for High-Quality Analytics Data

Tag audits give greater visibility into the performance of your marketing and analytics tags. Apply these tag auditing best practices to your own website.


GDPR Compliance: Tactical Steps for Companies to Prepare

This article discusses how companies can achieve GDPR compliance through five tactical steps to update your data governance practices.


Using ObservePoint’s Rules Engine for Robust Tag Validation

This article discusses how to use ObservePoint’s powerful rules engine to customize tag validation across your MarTech deployment.

woman examines string of code hanging in the air using a magnifying glass

What Is Tag Auditing?

This article explains the basics of tag auditing.

small, red screwdrivers next to screws set against a black background

The Biggest Web Analytics Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making (Part 3)

This article addresses the common mistake of trying to use a secondary analytics tool to try and validate a primary tool. Matt also demonstrates the value of ObservePoint’s tag audit validation system by running an audit on a popular website.

man sits at desk on computer while resting his hand on his chin

8 Things to Remember When Performing On-Page Audits with Adobe Analytics

This article lists eight tag management points to remember when using Adobe Analytics to perform an on-page audit. Find out the benefits of each and how they can help you in the audit process.

a rusty, old ship tipping over on the ocean

Prevent Analytics Data Leakage Before Your Data Privacy Sinks

This article outlines the dangers of modern data leakage and potentially harmful scenarios that may be encountered. Learn how a tag audit can more efficiently find these leaks and keep data secure.

Apollo moon landing image with astronaut standing next to American flag

To the Moon and Back: Audit Data Collection Regularly (Part 4 of 5 Data Quality Survival Tips Series)

This article illustrates the importance of having a strategy when it comes to data collection audits. Learn when the proper time is to audit, and why this process ensures better data quality.


Three Reasons Automated Web Analytics Audits Empower Enterprises

This article lists three reasons why enterprises are empowered by web analytics audits. Find out the benefits of such audits, and how to utilize them.

cracked concerete foundation

Web Analytics Tools & Tips: How to Audit Your Top Pages

This article explains the importance of performing regular inspections that assess the integrity of your data quality. Learn how to use web analytics tools and run a tag audit to ensure the inspection process.

an image of two skyscrapers with many windows extending towards the sky

Web Analytics Tools & Tips: How to Audit Your Marketing Landing Pages

This article outlines the steps to performing a tag audit on your marketing landing pages and why it is necessary. See why organizations are using sophisticated web analytics tools to build significant marketing infrastructures.

Broken light bulb

Website Tags are Bound to Break…

This article illustrates the reality of broken website tags and how to minimize the impact of data quality issues. Learn three tips to help prevent tag issues, and how to benefit from a tag audit.

ObservePoint Product Screen on an Apple computer

Audits and Journeys: What’s the Difference?

This article talks about the differences between an audit and a simulation. Learn the unique role of each and when they should be used to achieve better data quality management.

Data Quality Management Process header features metal welding

Data Quality Management Process Part 3: Data Quality Analysis

This article explains the final step in the data quality management process. Learn how to analyze the tag audit and simulation data, make data quality improvement recommendations, and confirm changes.

Leveraging Audits for Documentation header with a man holding out a paper report

Leveraging Audits for Documentation

This article discusses the data quality management best practice of having a quarterly review of documents. Learn about the importance of documents and to update them as necessary so an accurate reflection of which data is being collected is maintained.

a cartoon person with their fist in the air screaming "Let's Audit All the Things!"

Don’t audit all the things

This article talks about tag audits and what content they should be done for. Learn how to be clear on goals for individual site sections and focus activity on highest-priority content to efficiently decide what needs to be audited.

Data Quality Management Process header features metal welding

Data Quality Management Process Part 1: Data Collection Triggers

This article discusses the difference between tag audits and simulations for ObservePoint users. Learn how to benefit from each with their unique functions, and how to use data collection triggers as a signal of when to audit.

header image of a white car crashing into a concrete box

Audit data collection once, twice, three times

This article explains the importance of audits before, during, and after the development and deployment processes. Learn how having a tag audit is central to those processes in validating code.

header image with a person playing saxophone and a person playing guitar

How good rhythm improves data quality

This article discusses why developing a rhythm when conducting a tag audit is essential to making data validation a part of an organization’s digital DNA. Learn why this rhythm leads to improved data quality.

close-up image of a keyboard with a key that says "blog"

Improving Digital Data Quality with Auditing and Governance

This article explains why tag auditing is an important first step in tag management and in defining a comprehensive digital data quality governance process.

a person holding a tape measure up to the word "Quality"

Deploy a Data Governance Solution to Test Your Analytics Tags

This article outlines why an auditing solution is necessary to gaining accurate, trustworthy data. See the reasons why a tag audit makes data jump from simple to actionable.

a header with an image of a phone closing his eyes and plugging his ears

The Case of the Tags That Said Too Much

This article expounds on the relationship between large tags and bad data. Learn why these tags can cause bad things to happen to digital analytics data.

a header with a woman who has her arms folded

How Often Should I Perform a Tag Audit?

This article reveals the frequency at which your site should be audited for various circumstances. Whether you manage a web analytics tool or a tag management system, learn how to determine the best schedule to fit your needs.

two fish bowls next to one another one holds a small tropical fish and the other holds a large tropical fish

The Case for Small, Focused Audits

This article discusses the importance of size in regard to a tag audit, and how it can deliver fresh, actionable data. Learn why limiting the audit size can help with prioritization, organization and better agile development.


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