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Thinking about a Web Analytics Audit? Consider These 5 Questions

Explore the need to perform a web analytics audit in order to support better data quality and enable leaders to make better data-driven decisions.

adobe analytics audit

Adobe Analytics Audit: 6 Tips to Review Traffic Sources and Site Activity

Are you using your enterprise-grade analytics solution with the maturity of an analytics master? Learn how to conduct an Adobe Analytics audit and find out.

Using Google Analytics at a laptop

The Top Google Analytics Use Cases

Google Analytics is the most readily available web analytics solution on the market. Learn the top Google Analytics use cases for


5 Steps to a Powerhouse Website Tagging Strategy

One of the biggest failures in building a website tagging strategy is not building one. Before installing any tags, use these 5 steps to develop a strategy.


How to Check Your Analytics Tags Are Working with a Tag Debugger

This article discusses the best way to check analytics tags using ObservePoint’s free, unlimited tag debugging solution: TagDebugger™.

Tape measure measuring a piece of wood

Why Poor Data Quality in Web Analytics Happens (and How to Avoid It)

This article discusses how poor data quality could negatively impact your ability to measure user behavior.


What Is a Good Bounce Rate? Quickly Create Internal Benchmarks

This article answers the question “What is a good bounce rate?” and shows how analysts can create internal bounce rate benchmarks in Google Analytics.

Black gift tag against white background

All You Need to Know About Web Tags

This post discusses the basics of web tags and tag management. Discover what web tags are, how they work and what advantages they offer to digital marketers.


Building a Sustainable Analytics Infrastructure for Your Big Data Efforts

This article discusses the importance of building sustainable analytics to gain real insights over a long period of time while efficiently using resources.


Preparing Your Analytics for a Stress-Free Black Friday & Cyber Monday

This article discusses 10 steps to get your house in order when preparing your analytics for the influx of shopper traffic during the holiday season.


Building Custom Dimensions and Metrics for Your Analytics

This article discusses the process of turning business objectives into business requirements and KPIs, and the importance of custom dimensions and metrics.


Determining the Optimal Size for a Website Audit

This article discusses the importance of using sample audits instead of a site-wide website audit to validate analytics and marketing tags.

eBook title

Web Analytics: Start with the “Why” Before the “What”

This article discusses the common pitfall or rushing into your web analytics implementation without first establishing what you hope to accomplish and why.

close-up of a group of people examining graphs on a table

Better Together: Adobe Analytics and ObservePoint

Maximize the ROI on your Adobe Analytics implementation by performing regular audits using ObservePoint.

a group of people in an office working together on a project

Best Practices for Personalization and the User Experience

This article addresses the need for companies to focus on personalization.

Man relaxing in chair with his feet resting on an imaginary desk

Keep It Simple with Google Analytics

This article explains some of the functional benefits of using Google Analytics.

a man looking at analytics on a computer screen

Adam Greco: Being Successful in Analytics

This article spotlights Adam Greco, one of the keynote speakers at this year’s upcoming Analytics Summit.

close-up on the bottom end of a broken light bulb

Poor Data Quality Threatens Your Company’s Efficiency

This article discusses how how poor data quality can decrease efficiency in your organization.

Bullet tip against black background

5 Tips to Bulletproof Your Mobile App and Web Analytics

This articles explains 5 tips for creating a bulletproof mobile app and web analytics implementation.

Chart next to laptop

Auditing Adobe Analytics: Be Confident in Your Conversion Data

This article addresses some of the necessary configurations in Adobe Analytics to ensure that conversion metrics are being properly measured.

close-up of someone working on laptop with blueprints displayed on the screen

7 Steps to Set Up Your Web Analytics Solution Design

This article walks through the steps of how to create a solution design for a more effective data governance program in your web analytics implementation.

Empty Conference Room

Data Governance Councils: The Web Analytics Governing Body

This article explains the importance of creating a data governance council and how it can ensure you get the most out of your web analytics implementation.

small, red screwdrivers next to screws set against a black background

The Biggest Web Analytics Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making (Part 3)

This article addresses the common mistake of trying to use a secondary analytics tool to try and validate a primary tool. Matt also demonstrates the value of ObservePoint’s tag audit validation system by running an audit on a popular website.

A laptop sits in front of a wall displaying graphs and bars

The Biggest Web Analytics Mistake You Didn’t Know You Were Making (Part 2 of 3)

One of the biggest potential mistakes in web analytics that you might not be aware you’re making is using a second analytics tool to validate the first one. I made this argument in the first post of this series, but feel so strongly about it, that it warrants further discussion. Maybe you’re using a free […]

Exhausted man at computer rubbing his forehead

The Biggest Web Analytics Mistake You Didn’t Know You Were Making (Part 1 of 3)

This post discusses the pitfalls of a common web analytics practice, using a free solution to validate data collected by a premium solution.

Legos spread out on ground

The Top 5 Benefits of a Tag Management System

This article discusses specific benefits of using a Tag Management System and what it has to offer. Find out how you can leverage a TMS to enhance your web analytics and data quality.

a referee holding a basketball

How is March Madness Like Web Analytics, You Ask?

This article discusses the reality of unexpected issues and how to mitigate them. Learn what tools you can use to become a champion of your web analytics data.


Three Reasons Automated Web Analytics Audits Empower Enterprises

This article lists three reasons why enterprises are empowered by web analytics audits. Find out the benefits of such audits, and how to utilize them.

Infographic about Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The Top 10 Web Analytics Lessons Learned from Black Friday/Cyber Monday

This article lists ten takeaways from busy online shopping holidays this year. Learn tips and tricks for web analytics to help make next year better.

a graphic showing the data-driven process

Why Automate Your Web Analytics QA?

This article reveals the importance of automation in your web analytics QA. Learn how audits and automation can save you time, stress, and ultimately money.

a man presenting at a conference with a microphone in hand

Shift Your Web Analytics Focus to Include the “Why”

This article explains the “why” of web analytics and its’ role in your business. Learn the important difference between quantitative and qualitative research, and how the “why” leads you to strategize for your needs.

a magnifying glass in front of an orange background

Web Analytics Tools & Tips: How to Perform a Daily Spot Check Audit

This article illustrates the importance of making informed business decisions resulting from good data. Learn the recommended web analytics tools and the auditing plan that should be part of any data quality governance program.

the grim reaper standing in fog with the words "Got Scary Data?" beside him

Got Scary Analytics Data?

This article discusses the reality of bad data and common issues that affect your web analytics solution. Learn seven ways to fix, manage, and prevent scary data.

Managing Your Adobe Analytics Data graphic with a yellow background

Capitalize on Data Democratization in Your Organization

This article discusses the importance of data democratization and the effort it takes to put your data to good use. Find out how to do exactly that, and much more.

an image of two skyscrapers with many windows extending towards the sky

Web Analytics Tools & Tips: How to Audit Your Marketing Landing Pages

This article outlines the steps to performing a tag audit on your marketing landing pages and why it is necessary. See why organizations are using sophisticated web analytics tools to build significant marketing infrastructures.

a word cloud with marketing related words in black, red, and grey

Can You Trust Your Digital Marketing Data?

This article discusses digital marketers and their lack of trust in reported numbers. Learn what it takes to ensure accurate data quality, and the steps necessary to feel confident in the changing world of web analytics.

an abstract, technicolor image

Product Update – Data Layer Support

This article explains what a data layer is and how it affects web analytics. Learn the steps involved with setting up a data layer and the role it plays in reporting.

mouse-trap-cheese-device-trap-633881 (1)

Data Inflation: A Hidden Danger for Your Analytics Data

This article explains the dangers of inflation and how data quality can be hindered because of it. See why inflation can affect web analytics data and what happens to a real company that must deal with this.

a string of connected shopping carts

Digital Data Inflation in Retail Websites

This article discusses the impact of data inflation and how it can lead a company in the wrong direction. Learn how to prevent this from happening, and why having multiple vendors can inflate your web analytics data.

a black and white street sign that says "back to basics"

Four Basics of Tag Deployment

This article explains how basic elements of data quality management can be a challenge for every company. Learn four conditions that must be met so data doesn’t become corrupted, inflated, or unreliable.

header image with a janitor holding a large broom

It’s Time to Ditch the Data Janitor

This article discusses the importance of having a person (or group of people) responsible for data governance. Learn what qualifies a person to be in such a position and how web analytics tools experience can impact the data quality.

A green street sign that reads" straight talk just ahead" with a blue, cloud-filled sky in the background

Measure Twice, Cut Once: Debunked

This article explains why having more than one web analytics tool can compromise overall data quality, cause confusion, and create unnecessary work. Learn why clean and consistent data is essential to realizing return on digital marketing tools, work, and spends.

a header with a woman who has her arms folded

How Often Should I Perform a Tag Audit?

This article reveals the frequency at which your site should be audited for various circumstances. Whether you manage a web analytics tool or a tag management system, learn how to determine the best schedule to fit your needs.

two fish bowls next to one another one holds a small tropical fish and the other holds a large tropical fish

The Case for Small, Focused Audits

This article discusses the importance of size in regard to a tag audit, and how it can deliver fresh, actionable data. Learn why limiting the audit size can help with prioritization, organization and better agile development.

Facebook’s Sinking IPO Infographic

Bad Data and Bad Decisions: Facebook’s Sinking IPO

This infographic illustrates how companies are feeling the need to be responsible with their web analytics data. See examples of how Facebook and other organizations have made bad business decisions, due to bad data quality, and how it has steered them in the wrong direction.

Audit Score

Audit Score: Tracking Your Progress Over Time

This article defines the five criteria used to calculate an audit score. As you create your presence on the web, analytics and their efficiency play an important role. See what is taken into account and why the audit score is a quick way to gauge your data quality.


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