VideoAssurance Features

Trust Your Video Marketing Data

VideoAssurance™ validates the marketing technology implementations on your videos, ensuring that all third-party tracking technologies are in place, functioning properly and collecting complete sets of data you can trust.

Video Assurance Report

Video Playback

The video playback feature captures all tagging implementations that fire during the playback of your video. Partnering with hundreds of vendors, VideoAssurance™ identifies the tag integrations activated by the video playback and provides full details in an interactive reporting format.

Heartbeat Tag Report

Most video implementations rely on heartbeat tags to determine how much of a video is being viewed by visitors. Typically, heartbeat tags fire at percentage or time intervals within the video. VideoAssurance™ monitors these heartbeat tags to continually report which tags are firing and what their values are. Your unique business rules can be applied to each interval along the way.

Business Compliance

VideoAssurance™ offers a business compliance feature that allows you to specify your organization’s unique tagging implementation plan for your videos and measure it against the live implementations. This confirms that your investments are functioning as planned and collecting validated data crucial to your business strategy.

Pre-Roll Ad Validation

Great investment is made in the advertisements playing at the introduction of your video, it is critical to validate that your ads are playing as expected. VideoAssurance™ validates that the ad pre-roll is working properly and that your ads are reaching their intended audience.

Video Consumption

Duplicate tags, multiple request, missing tags or multiple versions of tags can lead to data inflation or corruption, skewing your viewer consumption numbers. With VideoAssurance™, you can ensure that your tags are implemented correctly and reporting accurate data to all stakeholders.

Monitor in Multiple Channels

Setting up different analytics solutions and plans for various channels can be difficult and time-consuming. VideoAssurance™ functions on multiple players, browsers and device types, enabling you to monitor video integrations fluidly across all channels important to your users.

Simple Set-Up

As an analyst, you don’t have time to manually audit and continually monitor the tagging implementations for each video on your digital properties. With VideoAssurance™, you can quickly select a video, assign the needed business compliance rules and let the automated auditing solution do the work for you.

Per Action Reporting

Per action reporting enables you to spot check your video tags’ performance. VideoAssurance™ reports on actions as they occur during playback, specifying which tags are firing during video play and exactly when they are activated so you can quickly see how your videos are performing.

Our Customers


"Our relationship with ObservePoint is unique, in that we're both a partner and customer. Using their tag detection technology, we quickly learned we had important tags missing on 18% of our Acrobat pages."


Sunny Beck, Adobe

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