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ObservePoint audits your web analytics tags faster and more accurately than any human. Prevent data errors, loss and leakage.

Validate. Accelerate. Dominate.

Make your business thrive by being right.

98% of web sites have tagging issues that cause inaccuracies in web analytics reports. Worse yet, none of these reports detect or notify you of margins of error - leaving it up to you to find and flag potential inaccuracies. Don't tell web analytics lies - audit your tags with ObservePoint.


Analyze Twice, Measure Once

Properly implementing any tag-based technology can be a challenge. And managing those tags after an implementation can be even more difficult. In fact, tagging is often cited as the biggest time-suck when implementing a new web analytics, VOC, advertising, or lead tracking technology.

ObservePoint ingests tens of thousands of tags every hour and helps digital marketers reduce the time-to-value by as much as 70%.

Your Data is Cheating On You

Social Media plugins, ads and rogue scripts collect data about your customers without your knowledge. Even worse, they leak proprietary data to groups outside of your control. Find out how an exposure audit can protect you from data leakage.

We'll Do The Hard Work

Still using humans to QA your digital analytics tags?

You're doing it wrong! Let our robots find technical errors so you can focus on what you do best.

Be the Hero

Find your path to data empowerment. Guarantee the accuracy of your analysis.

A famous analyst is known to say "If you can't stand behind the accuracy of your reports, you might as well be wrong." Would you stake your reputation on web analytics?

ObservePoint provides truth in analytics - audits and simulations that provide the early warning indicators that data is not being collected properly so you know when and what to fix. A perfect audit score indicates that your analytics are reliable, certifiable truth.