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Multiple websites and domains, authentication and security protocols to integrate with, and never-ending digital transformation projects are just a few of the challenges you face every day.
ObservePoint provides visibility into your entire web presence, helping you see clearly where to start your web governance efforts and how to create even better customer experiences.

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Integrate with Legacy Software

ObservePoint has extensive experience integrating with legacy systems and can get past authentication and security protocols to allow financial services companies to automatically QA their network of sites across global teams. Save time, money, and resources with scalable audits that provide a comprehensive view of the technologies, tags, and cookies that underpin your brand and web presence. Test your site both in staging and in production, so any new releases go live smoothly.

Optimize marketing spend

You make significant investments in marketing campaigns, paid ads, and emails. Make sure your customers land right with landing page validation features that confirm your pages load fast, aren’t broken, and have the right tracking parameters. Use Journeys to mimic important conversion paths on your websites to get alerted if anything breaks.

Protect customer privacy

As a financial institution, your company deals with sensitive customer information daily from many different geos. Get a handle on what your data collection technologies, cookies, and tags are doing with recurring privacy audits. Confirm your consent management software is honoring user consent preferences. And find the most detailed contextual cookie information on the market so you can track down and eliminate any unauthorized, piggybacking, or hard-coded cookies that might be attempting to collect data.

Trust your data

Accurate analytics are vital to making good decisions about your marketing, products, and overall business. Stop wasting time and resources on manual QA. Get more accurate with automatic web governance, which can validate your analytics at the scale you need. Use easy-to-understand reports and set up rules and alerts to make sure you’re the first to know if anything breaks.

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Start down your 

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