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ditch the data quality janitor

If what gets measured gets improved, why don’t more companies measure digital marketing data quality?

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measure twice cut once debunked

Earlier this year, we audited the Internet Retailer top 500 and second 500. We found that 47% of top sites and 26% of second sites deploy more than one web analytics tool. This is an ongoing trend that’s sparked quite a bit of controversy.

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The case of the tags that said too much

Our favorite thing to do here is solve challenging problems. This is a story of one particularly prickly problem with a not-so-obvious solution.

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When should I audit my site?

Just like all good questions, the correct answer to this one is it depends! It all hinges on your business, your tools, your resources, and your environment. Here are six questions to consider to point you in the right direction.

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The Summer 2014 Release was applied over the weekend. This included lots of major back-end upgrades to generally make things faster, better, and stronger. Here are the highlights: 

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how to debug tags the easy way

Javascript tag debugging can be a huge bummer, right? That's why we created Tag Debugger. It's a free plugin for Chrome and Firefox that shows what tags are firing on whatever page you're currently looking at. It even shows how quickly the tag is loading and what variable content is being passed.

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what kind of empower workshop attendee are you really?

In our last blog post, we identified five people you'll meet at Empower 2014. Now's your chance to find out which one you are.

What are you waiting for? Take the quiz below!

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7 totally original alternate titles for empower 2014

What to Expect When You're Expecting to go to Empower

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Limiting audits to 5,000 pages produces quick, actionable results for most – but not all – of your tagging problems.

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What to do in SLC

Will you be arriving in Salt Lake City with some time to spare before Adobe Summit? You should definitely check out eight of our favorite locals-only places. Why not take in some of that local flavor? Here's a list of our favorite downtown spots.

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