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Business Compliance Validation

Rules-based audits allow you to evaluate your existing website against your solution design requirements. ObservePoint will filter a specific value or set of conditions for an accurate configuration. For example, when the URL contains ‘article’ (filter), Adobe Analytics® report suite globalprod requires eVar8 to equal ’article’ (condition).



AuditScore™ helps you benchmark your company website against your unique business requirements, providing an accurate picture of your data collection. Using our innovative DataAssurance™ technology, we have developed a complex algorithm to help you track your digital data quality as it improves.


Event Validation

You care about your website clicks. Often the highest value digital metrics occur when a user clicks or interacts with a digital property. Using Event Validation makes it easy to replicate these critical actions without the need to modify page code. Each of these unique digital interactions drives your business—protect them. If your company isn’t using onClick Validation, you’re at risk of acting on incomplete data sets—and that could hurt you.


ObservePoint Alerts

OP Alerts keeps your team in the loop. Loss of data from your most critical paths can’t happen and costs you money. Websites change, mistakes, or bad luck lead to data loss. This leaves analysts and decision makers with data gaps. ObservePoint replicates any web or digital interaction, based on a configurable frequency, to actively monitor pages and complex multi-step paths. OP Alerts allow you to rest assured, knowing ObservePoint is actively monitoring data collection when you aren’t.


User Journey Testing

Your most critical paths are long and complex. Not only do they have multiple steps, but they can change based on the profile of the user. Analyzing and optimizing these critical paths requires a complete data set, which while expected by management, can be challenging. ObservePoint replicates any web or digital action to recreate the web’s most complex critical paths. ObservePoint users have flexibility to configure a variety of additional items such as browser, location or device type.


Vendor Discovery

Strategies are evolving, team members come and go, and third-party vendors are always being evaluated. With this ongoing change, what is your strategy to maintain the vendor tags across all your digital properties? Using Vendor Discovery will help you locate and summarize vendor code across your website. Regardless of employee attrition and changing initiatives, you will always have the complete picture with Vendor Discovery.


Automated Audits

Individually auditing each web page for accurate data collection can be literally impossible. Using our patented DataAssurance™ technology, we carefully comb through all the code on each page, looking for errors and gaps in reporting. Now you can coordinate index-wide audits that tell you everything you need to know.


Video Audits

What are video views really telling you? For many digital properties video helps engage, convert, and retain visitors. Video measurement is often custom and unique to the audience and content type. Optimizing video isn’t possible without a complete data set. ObservePoint makes the auditing and ongoing monitoring of video easy. Users can configure video audits within minutes and create alerts that notify site owners of data collection gaps.


Mobile Testing

Mobile traffic has finally surpassed that of desktop—are you ready? Accurate data collection on mobile devices isn’t optional anymore. ObservePoint will simulate mobile traffic and critical customer paths to ensure proper data collection.


Status Code Report

Broken links not only frustrate users and damage your company’s reputation; they interrupt critical paths and sometimes, valuable conversion channels. Broken links don’t just influence reporting, but can impact company revenue. Our Status Code Report provides a list of all broken links and redirects on your entire site.


Tag Detection

Do you have old tags slowing page load times or new tags not yet in place? Using our patented Tag Detection technology, we scan your web and digital properties for over 200 marketing tags. We have partnered with all major tag managers, making it easy for us to work together to ensure tag deployment is done accurately.


Variables Database

Do you have hundreds of custom variables across thousands or even millions of pages in your index? Not a problem. Using our DataAssurance™ technology, users can build a completely custom Variable Database for your entire website, making sure each page catches the right information about your customers. Ensuring you are collecting all the right variables across all the right pages has never been easier.


Data Loss Prevention

ObservePoint uses its own DataAssurance™ technology to monitor key scenarios, paths, tags, and variables, and will alert you if we detect a problem. You can relax as we provide 24/7 monitoring of your critical business data. When we find in error or potential problem, we will notify you with an OP Alert.


Regression Testing

Using the Data Quality Assurance Platform, it is now possible to check the quality of your overall implementation, tag placement, and site performance. Regression Testing is reflected in your AuditScore™ and will change based on the overall quality of your data collection.


Page Load Time

These aren’t the dial-up days. Customers expect quick load times and seamless experiences from query to checkout. Slow-loading pages frustrate users and convey a poor user experience. In addition, slow-loading pages negatively impact data collection.


JS Error Check

Can you imagine combing through millions of lines of code to find any JavaScript errors or anomalies? We can’t either, so we decided to automatically find JS errors for you. Now with the click of a button, you can search specific pages or paths with JS errors.