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Automatically monitor and validate your digital implementations to ensure the success of your data-driven strategies.

How to Organize Your Team For Digital Intelligence

Learn from this recently released Forrester Report how to drive more insights to actions with an insights center of excellence.

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Tag Governance Framework

The internal processes your company needs in order to protect against tagging errors and put you back in control.

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Join 32,000+ users in leveraging this free tool to manually spot check tag implementation accuracy on individual web pages.

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ObservePoint’s patented WebAssurance™ technology carefully renders the web page code on a site, looking for errors and gaps in reporting caused by implementation errors, unauthorized vendors or outdated technologies. Auditing your site ensures customer data is accurately collected and safeguarded.

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AppAssurance™ is a cloud-based solution that scans an organization’s mobile app, analyzing third-party vendor implementations for integration and functionality errors. By validating functionality and data quality, you maximize the ROI on your mobile app investments and gain a competitive advantage through accurate business insights.

AppAssurance backend

Data Governance For Enterprise Analytics



Increase your team’s efficiency by automating data QA processes so you can spend less time vetting data and more time analyzing it.



Work with confidence, knowing that all your implementations are where they should be and that your data is secure.



Execute effective business decisions with accurate data that has been validated by ObservePoint.

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“The lesson here is that we’re smart people, but we’re not clairvoyant, we’re not perfect, and things aren’t always caught in our manual QA. You need to have some sort of governance plan to catch them before, during and after the fact—preferably automatically. ObservePoint helps find high-priority problems within your data, automatically.”

Daryl Acumen, Adobe

Meet our Founders

In 2007, Rob Seolas and John Pestana founded ObservePoint as a pioneer venture into automated web and app analytics auditing. Their vision is to empower analysts and marketers to automatically validate their digital data and give their organization the confidence to make better decisions based on better data.

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