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The average company has 30+ technologies on their website.
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ObservePoint’s web governance solution can perform large-scale Discovery audits of your entire website or specified pages to provide these details and more.

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Technology Governance

Audit and monitor technologies deployed on your website to ensure proper implementation, functionality, and web tech ROI.

Analytics Validation

Track and audit your analytics implementation deployment and functionality to validate accurate data collection and analytics tool ROI.

Privacy Validation

Regularly audit your website privacy efforts to confirm they are functioning as expected and in compliance with legal regulations and company policies.

Cookie Governance

Catalog and surveil cookies on your website to verify proper functionality, attributes, and privacy settings.

Landing Page Validation

Test your campaign landing pages to ensure they are delivering smooth experiences, that tracking is in place and collecting the correct data, and that ad spend isn’t being wasted.

Website Experience

Perform regular audits to find and fix broken paths, missing elements, and slow-loading pages/tags that interrupt the user experience.

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