Technology Governance

Ensure proper web tech implementation, functionality, and ROI.

Your company relies on web technologies to power your site and deliver experiences. So when errors crop up and tech breaks down, you’re left with bad data, lower ROI on martech, and poor user experiences. Automatically audit and monitor your web tech for implementation and functionality errors to ensure you’re getting the most out of your data and web tech investments.

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How many unique technologies are on my website? Do I know what they’re for and who owns them?

The first step in a Discovery audit is to get a comprehensive view of all the technologies that are on your site and related information such as business use, ownership, and other context.

Are all "primary" (most important) tags on every page?

Make sure that you have coverage of business-critical tags, if not on every page, then on the vast majority of them, so you’re capturing data from every possible customer interaction.

What percent and which pages do/don't have each tag?

Having visibility into which pages do or don’t have each particular tag is extremely useful to ensure appropriate coverage of select tags.

Are there any technologies on my website that shouldn’t be?

Uncover tags that should not be firing on your website, where they live, and what’s initiating them. Clear up digital residue: old tags that still reside in certain dark corners of your website.

Are there any broken, missing, or duplicate tags?

Broken and missing tags make your data incomplete while duplicate tags inflate your measurement. Either way, your campaign decision-making suffers.

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