Additional Solutions

ObservePoint provides a range of digital governance solutions to help you collect quality data, protect your data, and optimize customer experiences. Here are some of our solutions you might not have known about.

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Privacy Compliance

Privacy Compliance

With data privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and many others, your company needs to proactively take steps to protect your customer’s data and your reputation. ObservePoint’s solution for Privacy Compliance enables you to determine if the tech collecting data, as well as your Consent Management Platform (CMP), are compliant.

  • Audit and inventory all tags and cookies
  • Identify data collection who, what, and where
  • Define approved/unapproved cookies
  • Simulate consent profiles to test your CMP

Journeys & Journey Support

Journeys simulate user paths and experiences to test and validate functionality and analytics integration. Because testing and maintaining these critical conversion and user paths is challenging and time-consuming, ObservePoint provides full Journey Support tiers to best fit your organization's needs.

  • Build automated Journeys on your critical user paths
  • Schedule and monitor tests running on a regular cadence
  • Fix broken Journeys before they interrupt experiences