You’ve come to the right place for a quick explainer on the value of ObservePoint. This article is perfect to share with your colleagues to make a case for adoption or just to see the big picture of how the platform solves the complexity of dynamic websites in a shifting digital landscape.


What Is ObservePoint?

ObservePoint is a best-in-class web governance platform that audits the functionality and performance of your entire website. You can organize what it validates into three major categories:

  • Analytics
  • Customer Experiences
  • Privacy Compliance

The platform checks on the above by automatically scanning and reporting on the details of your website’s:

  • Pages
  • Cookies
  • Tags

It can also mimic a visitor’s journey through your website so you can check on important conversion paths and confirm your site is responding to consumer privacy preferences.


Why Would We Need This?

There are now (2023) more than 11,000 marketing technologies on the market. Whatever the size of your MarTech stack, someone or something has to manage those technologies, so they work together seamlessly on your website and don’t fall apart over time.

How many teams touch the code of your website? Software developers, analytics managers, marketing managers, IT? How do you prevent one team’s change from inadvertently affecting another’s? How many times has your website been updated, only for something crucial to break, resulting in a roll back of the release? 

Are the customers who visit your website bouncing? Why? Is something blocking their path to purchase?

Have you seen the privacy fines on the news? Who on your team has time to catalog every cookie for compliance? Does anyone even know what technologies are setting those cookies? Is your consent management platform actually honoring your customers’ privacy preferences? 

ObservePoint has answers for all these scenarios and more. 


How Does This Help Our Teams?

ObservePoint is in the business of making analytics, marketing, and compliance teams’ lives easier. The platform helps you:

  • Get visibility into your website, so you can take action
  • Have confidence in the data you use to make decisions
  • Maximize ROI with that accurate data
  • Catch human errors
  • Save time and resources on QA
  • Save money on wasted ad spend
  • Test at scale and more frequently
  • Minimize the potential for privacy violations
  • Automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on more important business
  • Find errors or unauthorized technologies without hunting through code
  • Know when something is wrong before your audience does


What’s the ROI?

  • Forester estimated ObservePoint provides a 432% ROI and $1.1M in incremental revenue through streamlined path to purchase (that was in 2020, and we’re faster and better now)
  • Our customers have reported reduced QA time by 75% to 85%
  • Analytics teams’ have cited productivity increases by 75%
  • And no other platform on the market can provide 100% of the backstory of every single cookie on your digital property

More than anything, protecting your brand and the trust of your customers is immeasurably important to your bottom line. 


For a more information on how ObservePoint can help you, take a look at our Use Cases or Why You Need ObservePoint PDF.

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