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Ensuring Your Privacy Monitoring Is Working

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You Can “Set and Forget” Consent Management Platforms.
A CMP can see and check ALL data collection on your site.
A CMP can monitor tag and cookie context beyond inventorying.

Unfortunately, Consent Management Platforms are still very limited and leave you open to…

3 major data liabilities: 
  • CMPs cannot see anything loading outside of your tag management system.
  • They don’t provide what page, what data, nor where it’s being sent.
  • CMPs still need to be tested regularly for functionality. 

Consent Management Platforms enable you to collect and handle user consent, display cookie banners on your digital property, and ensure the right tags are fired for the right visitors based on user consent preferences.

ObservePoint’s Privacy Compliance solution makes sure your CMP is implemented and functioning properly, while also regularly auditing for data collection outside your CMP (see True or False below). Together, they help your organization comply with privacy regulations.

Request a Complimentary Privacy Audit

How do you ensure your privacy monitoring is working?

ObservePoint’s Privacy Compliance is a vendor-agnostic, automated solution that can:

  • Automatically audit all data collection technologies.
  • Provide a data collection inventory of who, what, and where.
  • Simulate consent profiles and travel through your site to test the CMP.

Key Benefits

  • Mitigate risk and liability
  • Catalog every tag and cookie on your digital property
  • Define approved/unapproved tags, cookies, geolocations, and request domains 
  • Test settings against various user consents
  • Understand the origin and relationship of data collectors
  • Catch hard-coded or piggybacking tags outside your TMS and CMP
  • Get context for cookies and tags, such as location, load time, and origin
  • Ensure your CMP and its cookie banners are consistently installed
  • View new tags or cookies appearing on your site
  • Simulate consent preferences and paths to verify your CMP is honoring them
  • Monitor where network traffic is being sent, geographically
  • Ensure that your privacy policy is accessible 

Relevant Features

Tag & Cookie Inventory:

Provides an up-to-date list of all data collection technologies on your site.

Tag Initiators:

Visually maps the relationship of tags so you can see what technology is deploying each tag.


Lets you set up authorized or unauthorized zones to match data privacy regulations and confirm where data is being sent.

Consent Categories:

Stores your cookie, tag, and geolocation requirements and automatically checks for each possible combination of customer consent preferences.

What are the most prominent CMPs?

Omnibug by OmnibugTag Explorer by Tag InspectorWASP Inspector by Cardinal PathTag Assistant by Google

What is ObservePoint?

Utilize the scanning and reporting functionality in the Privacy Compliance solution to help you confirm that consent preferences are being honored and the CMP is doing what it’s designed to do. Mitigate the risk and liability for your entire organization with ObservePoint.

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