A new series for discussing all things data.

Do you struggle with data collection issues? Are you at a loss on how to adopt new privacy protocols? Would you like to pick your peers' brains on what they're doing to become data-driven?

Join digital marketing and analytics leaders for regular live discussions around data problem-solving, industry news, strategy, governance, technology, regulations, and more.

Upcoming Session Topics:
July 28: Privacy, Server-side, and Industry Updates
  • The pros and cons of going server-side

  • Privacy regulation updates and what they mean

  • The state of third-party cookies

  • And more

August 17: What's Next in Data Privacy
  • Upcoming changes in privacy regulations you should be aware of

  • How to prepare and what you can do now to be compliant

  • How brands across the globe are responding to the death of cookies

Session times to be announced. Subscribe for regular updates on topics, guests, times, and more.

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