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It's Finally Happening: Goodbye 3rd-Party Cookies

Chrome is finally starting to say goodbye to 3rd-party cookies. Are you ready?

Listen as Dave Smith, CTO, Cameron Cowan, Sr. Dir Product Strategy, and Mike Fong, Sr. Solutions Engineer at ObservePoint discuss:

  • What 3rd-party cookie deprecation by Chrome means for businesses, users, advertisers, and website owners
  • New methods that Google will use to protect privacy as well as digital ad revenue such as: Topic API, Privacy Sandbox, and Partitioned cookies 
  • What businesses and website owners should audit and discuss with their MarTech partners to make sure their websites continue to function properly
Cameron Cowan Headshot Round

Cameron Cowan
Senior Director,
Product Strategy

Dave Smith Headshot Round

Dave Smith

Mike Fong Headshot Round

Mike Fong
Sr. Solutions