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August 23  |  11:00 am EST / 5:00 pm CET

Website Cookies: Where They Come From and Where They are Going

Do you know where your website cookies come from?

Are they originating from a 3rd-party javascript, or maybe your tag manager?

Join hosts Cameron Cowan and Mike Fong as they welcome back ObservePoint CTO, Dave Smith for another eye-opening cookie tutorial.

This time, we're going to move beyond the basics of what a cookie is to talk about how they relate to privacy compliance and what all the hubbub about the deprecation of 3rd-party cookies is.

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  • Cookie Initiators - a patented, new feature from ObservePoint that tells the complete backstory for every one of your cookies
  • What Google is up to with 3rd-party cookies, privacy sandbox, and shared interest groups
  • How these changes will affect Consent Management Platforms or GPC signals

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Dave Smith

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Cameron Cowan
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