The ROI of ObservePoint

A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study


432% Return on Your Digital Governance Investment

Data-driven organizations know you need accurate, actionable data to truly drive your business forward. ObservePoint’s Digital Governance Solution ensures that organizations are, in fact, collecting accurate customer data to guide their businesses.

And with 432% ROI reported in this Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, the investment is well worth it.

Key Customer Results

Previous Challenges

  • Exponential growth of tagging by multiple teams, with no oversight or insight into how tags are impacting data collection and user experience
  • Uneven confidence in the data collected and in decisions based on that data
  • User experience issues resulting from rogue, duplicate, missing, or broken tags

Results with ObservePoint

  • A complete inventory of the organization’s data collection tech
  • Ongoing validation that the necessary data was being collected as expected
  • Improved perception of the value of the data collection and analysis functions
  • A more data-driven organization

Summary of 4 Key Benefits

1. Improved Personalization and Customer Experience

The Forrester TEI reports that, using ObservePoint, data-driven organizations quickly identify and correct customer tracking errors to ensure uninterrupted insights about how customers arrive at and interact with their site. And with more complete data, organizations develop better marketing strategies, consistently provide customers with the images and products that will motivate them to action, and increase conversion rates to drive additional revenue. Through increasingly better personalization, the composite customer results from the study show conversion rates grow 5% in year 1, 6% in year 2, and 7% in year 3.With 20% of this growth directly attributable to ObservePoint.

“We invested decent marketing dollars into creating video testimonials, so we implemented analytics on those players to see who watched and what they did as a result. One day, without telling us, the development team made a very minor change to improve the video on mobile and it caused the entire analytics package deployed on the player to break. But because we had an ObservePoint audit running, we caught it that same morning and had it fixed by the end of the day.”

Manager, Digital Analytics Product Team, Education

2. Streamlined Path to Purchase Flow

Increasingly complex data collection tools and frequent tagging errors interfere with path to purchase flow. The TEI study shows that organizations who continuously use ObservePoint to locate and address these issues ensure that data collection tools do not slow page loads, that handoffs between sites and third-party payment platforms execute and record smoothly, and that links to key pages are not broken or misdirecting potential customers. The study shows at least a 2% level of path to purchase disruptions and eliminates 75% of those disruptions with ObservePoint.

“I can say without a doubt that since we started, with every pending release that was going to production, ObservePoint has caught an issue for us.”

Senior Analyst, Analytic Technology, Travel Industry

3. Improved Productivity

All customers interviewed for the TEI agree that ObservePoint saves them significant time and work, with the composite result showing approximately 25% of productivity savings from not having to do manual testing. One interviewee estimates that using ObservePoint saves 3 to 4 days out of each 14-day sprint over manual testing. By automating QA testing with ObservePoint, as well as setting up ongoing monitoring and maintenance of data collection technologies, data-centric organizations spend less time cleansing data and more time deriving insights from it.

“ObservePoint has changed the way we do things. The online marketing team all now have user accounts and get alerts if there is an issue with their pixels. So now, instead of missing out on the data, we find out a lot sooner and we’re able to quickly address that problem.”

Manager, Digital Analytics Product Team, Education

4. Reduced Ineffective Advertising Spend

The organizations interviewed for the TEI study spend a significant portion of their marketing budget on digital advertising, but if visitors click through an ad and are misdirected or the tags do not collect their activity, that advertising spend is wasted. With ObservePoint, enterprises get the full value of advertising spend by ensuring customer journeys are not interrupted by broken links and data collection tools are working as intended. While the study conservatively estimates misdirected or broken links on 2% of ads, ObservePoint recaptures 75% of that wasted advertising spend by identifying the problem and alerting the appropriate teams immediately.

“When we started with ObservePoint we found that 2 to 4% of our advertisements pointed people to landing pages that didn’t exist anymore. What an awful experience—your introduction to our brand was a 404 page.”

Senior Analyst, Analytic Technology, Travel Industry

Additional Benefits Reported


Increased confidence in data-driven decision-making

“With ObservePoint... we have consistency and that increases the quality of the data. More importantly, the business partners that are relying on that data have greater confidence in it, and greater confidence in their decisions.”


Greater consistency in collecting, governing, and analyzing data

“There’s a lot to be said for the peace of mind that we get knowing that auditing is happening on a regular basis and keeping us apprised of any unanticipated problems."


Improved data security through removal of rogue tags

“People are starting to view our team as a go-to place for marketing data. Overall, they’re noticing the value we can provide..."

Senior Manager, Digital Experience, Financial Services Industry
Senior Analyst, Analytic Technology, Travel Industry
Digital Tagging Engineer, Media and Entertainment Industry

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