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Data privacy laws and regulations are changing almost every day. Stay current. Protect customer privacy. Build customer loyalty.

Optimize paid ad spend

This Chrome extension supports all major vendor tags, including Google Tag Manager and Adobe products. TagDebugger offers select, freemium features of ObservePoint’s full auditing solution, allowing you to manually spot-check right in your browser. ObservePoint’s enterprise solution for Technology Governance automates the process across your entire website, and at scale.

Improve customer journeys

Retailers often send up to 10% of their paid advertising traffic to broken experiences: 404 pages, slow loading pages, pages with broken analytics tags, etc. ObservePoint automates continuous monitoring of your most valuable customer journeys and helps you ensure each are the optimal experience for your customers.

Build brand loyalty

Customer trust is the most valuable asset you can protect. ObservePoint will help you see all cookies on every web page, understand where those cookies came from and gives you a chance to approve the cookie or deny it. See what geographies your sharing data with, confirm that you’re honoring customer consent preferences and more.

Trust your data

Important decisions about paid ads, supply chain, customer experience are made every day. ObservePoint gives you the tools you need to validate the data you’re using to make those decisions and move the company forward.

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Don’t wonder how ObservePoint works, and don’t try to figure it out on your own. We’ve done it all before and can get you seeing value on day one. See ObservePoint in action below!
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