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Questions About Pricing?

The cost of software is an important consideration for our customers and one that we don’t take lightly. While the price of an ObservePoint license will depend on your specific needs, we’ll do our best to provide as much information here, though we can be more specific when we understand the context and scope of what you’re hoping to accomplish.

What drives the cost of an ObservePoint license up or down?

ObservePoint's licenses are highly customizable in order to best meet your team's specific needs. Pricing is calculated based on:

  • Specific products and services selected
  • Quantity and complexity of your web and app properties
  • Level of product usage required to support these properties
  • Any necessary custom engineering
  • Number of user accounts needed

Specific products and services selected

ObservePoint’s primary products are Technology Governance, Privacy Compliance, and Campaign Performance. A custom package will be built for each account depending on scope of the digital property(ies), usage, user accounts, and custom engineering. We also offer support services to help manage and monitor your various audits and journeys.

Technology Governance is our flagship product and is what our clients use to audit and monitor their web properties and the tags thereon.

Privacy Compliance is what our clients use to protect against unauthorized tracking on their site and ensure compliance with user consent policies and data regulations.

Campaign Performance is what our clients use to build campaign links and create standardized attribution reporting for more impactful marketing decision-making.

If you'd like to see what pricing would look like for your team, fill out the form and we'll customize your quote.

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