TagDebugger TagDebugger™

Spot check tags, fast and free.

TagDebugger™ is a free Chrome extension that allows marketing technology managers to perform quick tag checks on individual pages. With the TagDebugger™, you can view and audit analytics, advertising, VOC, tag management and media measurement tags and technologies as you browse through pages. You can also inspect the variables for each tag, monitor on-click events and export your browsing session to Excel.

TagDebugger™ offers select, freemium features of ObservePoint's full auditing solution, allowing you to manually spot-audit right in your browser. The enterprise solution, WebAssurance™, automates the process across your entire website, and at scale.

Tag Debugger
Tag Debugger

TagCompare TagCompare Powered by ObservePoint Labs

Compare TagDebugger™ reports.

An experimental product of ObservePoint LABS, TagCompare is a free companion tool to TagDebugger™ that uses exported data files from TagDebugger™ to create current and historical tag comparison reports. With TagCompare, you can compare tag implementations between releases and manually navigate through each tag path to ensure the presence, performance and quality of your high-value tags.

TagCompare reports allow you to easily monitor and quickly analyze changes to marketing technologies on each page.