Technology Governance

Make sure your data collection is accurate.

Your company relies heavily on tags to power your analytics and MarTech solutions. So when errors crop up and tags break down, you’re left with bad data, lost ROI on MarTech, negative user experiences, and important business decisions being made on inaccurate data.

Technology Governance ensures your data collection tools and processes are executing as planned, so your organization can make better decisions based on better data.

Test, monitor, and validate your marketing technologies.

Technology Governance automatically validates your digital data by scanning your organization’s web properties and auditing tagging implementations for functionality and integration errors. Without deploying any code, Technology Governance audits your digital channels to:

  • Check for all MarTech implementations and inaccuracies in your data collection process

  • Simulate critical user activities and paths to verify functionality and measurement

  • Validate your data collection is complete and your data is accurate from beginning to end

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