Monitor, test and validate your video tags and analytics data.

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Trust Your Video Marketing Data

Video analytics offer a new category of business intelligence, however, video analytics are only as intelligent as the data collected is accurate. VideoAssurance™ validates the marketing technology implementations on your videos, ensuring that all third-party tracking technologies are in place, functioning properly and collecting complete sets of data you can trust.

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Show ROI for Your Videos

With increasing usage of embedded videos, organizations with a mature analytics plan are monitoring their video tagging implementations to validate that they are getting the most out of their video investments. VideoAssurance™ works with hundreds of third-party vendors to validate that your integration investments are functioning properly.

Save Time with a Simple Set-Up

With the increasing demands placed on analysts and digital marketers, video auditing and monitoring barely makes the list, but as organizations begin to depend on video analytics, the need to validate video integrations becomes one more thing that simply must be done. VideoAssurance™ simplifies the process by automating your audits and continually monitoring your integrations.