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Show ROI for your videos.

Because of online video’s highly engaging format, it’s no wonder organizations are investing heavily in video analytics and advertising tags to track user behavior and video performance. But who has the resources to constantly monitor all their online videos, testing them regularly to make sure tags are in place and collecting data properly?

With VideoAssurance, you can automatically monitor your video tracking technologies to make sure they are working properly and collecting accurate data to guide your decisions.

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Test your advertising tags and video analytics.

VideoAssurance watches your videos for you, testing for analytics and advertising tags to ensure they’re firing properly. By integrating with the video players on your website, VideoAssurance will perform regular scans of the videos and notify you immediately whenever there is a broken tag.

Simply schedule audits to scan the videos you want to track and VideoAssurance will monitor the video analytics and ad tags on those videos to protect decision-driving data and ensure the ROI you sought from your video-tracking tech.


Key Features

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Video MarTech Validation

Ensure technologies are working so you’re not losing ROI on videos.

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Video Playback

Capture all tagging implementations that fire during the playback of your video.

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Multi-Channel Monitoring

Set up audits to test multiple players, browsers, and device types.

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Flash Video Support

Test tracking for Flash videos across your digital properties.

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Create custom requirements to test against live implementations. Learn More.

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Keep track of your data quality and QA progress with clear visuals. Learn More.

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Schedule audits to regularly QA predefined app segments and user paths.

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Alert your team to malfunctions in your data collection immediately. Learn More.

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