Test your website user data with a Web Analytics Audit.

What is a Web Analytics Audit?

An Audit scans your web analytics implementation to identify and test your tags in order to determine whether or not they are functioning and collecting data correctly.

“With ObservePoint, I'm able to reassure stakeholders that errors won't pop up and that the integrity of their reports will be sound.”

Maggie Vega, Senior Marketing Analyst, Finning

“I can say without a doubt that since we started, with every pending release that was going to production, ObservePoint has caught an issue for us.”

Jordan Avalos, Senior Analyst, Southwest Airlines

What will my Web Analytics Audit include?

ObservePoint's technology will audit your analytics implementation and report on the status of several factors that affect your data quality, including:
  • Tag presence. Identify all analytics tags deployed on any page to see if any are missing, especially on high-traffic pages.
  • Duplicate tags. Check to see if any analytics tags are firing more than once per page and inflating your data.
  • Variables and values. Catalog which variables and values your analytics tags are capturing to correct any misformatted or missing data.
  • Data layer. Inspect the variables and values in your data layer to identify any tracking elements you might be missing.
  • Tag versions. Check which versions of tags and report suites are deployed on your site to prevent mixing data across environments or domains.
  • Tag load times. Test how long it takes your analytics to load and make sure it's not slowing down your pages or failing to load entirely.

Can I schedule automated audits of my analytics implementation?

Yes. ObservePoint’s Audits enable you to set up recurring scans of your implementation to make sure it's in place and functioning as expected. You can even audit your implementation in pre-production environments to ensure everything is in place before any updates go live.

Can I receive alerts for when a Web Analytics Audit uncovers an error with my implementation?

Yes. ObservePoint’s Rules feature gives you the ability to define expectations for your analytics implementation, then the Audit will test against that criteria and notify you of any issues.

Can a Web Analytics Audit test event-based tags?

Yes. You can set up an Audit to trigger action-based events and report on whether the intended analytics tags were triggered as well. You can go over specific paths or experiences with your ObservePoint representative.

Can my Audit identify all third-party technologies deployed across my site?

Yes. Your Audit will scan your site and identify any technologies that are installed, including the vendor, where they are located, and what data they are collecting. See the list of Supported Tags for details.